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Pharmaceutical industries in Yemen.. A National way to achieve drug security

Pharmaceutical industries in Yemen.. A National way to achieve drug security


SANAA, March. 14 (Saba) - The pharmaceutical sector in Yemen has overcome the challenges of aggression and blockade, which have caused suffering and a humanitarian disaster for the Yemeni people, especially patients for whom access to medicine has become essential for the continuation of their lives.

With the state and government's attention to the pharmaceutical sector, the appropriate climate has been provided to build strong national pharmaceutical industries to ensure pharmaceutical security.

Local products cover 10-15 percent of the pharmaceutical market, while the private sector produces 200 varieties of medicines, as well as life-saving drugs with chronic diseases.

According to official statistics, the import bill for medicines is 100 billion riyals per year, of which the local industry represents 20 percent, which is a heavy burden on the state treasury, while Yemen has expertise and assets adapted to the local pharmaceutical industry competing for foreign products.

Based on the importance of national pharmaceutical security, practical and operational measures have been initiated to promote the production and manufacture of medicine and enhance competition among local companies under the directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council to exempt pharmaceutical inputs from tax duties to serve the pharmaceutical sector and develop His current and future role.

Senior political member Mohammed Ali al-Houthi stressed the need to stand seriously with the citizen and alleviate his suffering and reduce the bill for importing the medicine by providing it with the right quality and prices until 2020, a year of local pharmaceutical production.

The Minister of Health considered the directives of the Supreme Political Council and the government a step in the right way to support the production of medicines, which have now become an important competitor to imported medicines and a guide to the efficiency and capabilities of the Yemeni doctor.

He stressed the government's willingness to deal positively with the strategy of developing the pharmaceutical industrial sector, which contributes to the market cover of pharmaceutical needs and requirements. He pointed out that the products of the Yemeni pharmaceutical industry have been able to compete with major international companies by adhering to the quality, effectiveness of medicine and safety.

The Minister of Health stressed the need to focus on the list of essential medicines that are witnessing an increase in demand and the provision of a strategic stock of medicine sought under government support for this strategy.

For his part, The President of the Supreme Authority for Medicines and Medical Supplies Dr. Mohammed Al-Madani explained the importance of the national pharmaceutical industry as a mainstay in the formation of the strategic economic dimension of Yemen, and its direct association with the health of citizens, in addition to its economic importance and association Close to the health sector.

Dr. Al-Madani stressed the importance of encouraging the national pharmaceutical industry and aspects of investment to reach self-sufficiency, which is not only to secure a pharmaceutical stock in terms of quantities, but also to provide a high quality and effective medicine.


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