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Siege and Diseases .. Duality of Death in al-Durayhimi City

Siege and Diseases .. Duality of Death in al-Durayhimi City


HODEIDAH, March 13 (Saba) – For nearly two years, civilians have been living in al-Durayhimi District in Hodeidah province the worst humanitarian catastrophe due to the suffocating siege imposed by Saudi-led aggression coalition and its mercenaries who commit the most heinous crimes of killing, destroy homes, farms and health centers, and loot property.


Al-Durayhimi has become a fertile land for infectious and chronic diseases. Every day, dozens die due to the spread of malaria, cholera, dengue and malnutrition, and patients fill the city that the international community and its humanitarian organizations have not turned to.


There are only closed and risky roads due to rocket and artillery attacks by the aggression coalition forces, in addition to non-existent services, an acute shortage of food and medicine, where disease-stricken citizens struggle to survive and they cannot escape due to the lack of safe corridors.


After it was a tourist area full of archaeological sites, a forum of scholars and writers and an outlet for the people of Hodeidah and the surrounding areas, al-Durayhimi has become a mass grave for its residents.


In addition to the siege, the people of the city live in a state of fear and panic as a result of being targeted by the aggression forces’ artillery shells and live bullets. Hardly a day passes without these weapons kill inhabitants without distinguishing between a young or an old man, woman or child.


With all these tragedies and suffering, the United Nations and its organizations did not move a finger, but rather they surrendered to the aggression forces' measures preventing the convoys of relief aid that tried to reach the city. It stood helpless before the intransigence and intransigence of the aggression coalition, and was unable take an appropriate position, or even to brief the Security Council on what is happening on the ground.


These ugly practices confirm and expose the sordid intentions of the aggression countries and their mercenaries, and the project they are carrying to destroy values, humiliate citizens and try to bring them to surrender and give up their city.


The demands of the honorable people of Hodeidah and other provinces have not been interrupted or stopped for lifting the siege on the city of al-Durayhimi and ending the suffering of its residents through appeals, vigils and mass rallies.


However, this did not help with the international organization, which was already emptied of its humanitarian tasks and role.


All of this negligence and indifference by the United Nations encouraged the aggression countries to carry out massive attacks and reprisals on the city of al- Durayhimi.


The repeated appeals and demands have done nothing for the besieged city, and the Stockholm Agreement did not break its blockade or even open a humanitarian corridor, as was agreed upon at the sixth meeting of the joint committee aboard the UN ship at sea.


On the contrary, the aggression forces and their tools escalated their military actions against the city, targeting citizens with missile and artillery bombing.


In this regard, the national team member in the Redeployment Coordination Committee Major General Mohammed al-Qadri affirmed that the aggression forces are still stalling the opening of a humanitarian corridor to the besieged city of al-Durayhimi despite the agreement reached during the sixth joint meeting of the Committee.


Al-Qadri pointed out that Al-Durayhimi's residents are living in tragic conditions in light of the aggression forces' insistence not to deliver humanitarian aid to them despite the prior coordination with the international organizations working in the province.


He emphasized that the situation in Al-Durayhimi heralds a real humanitarian catastrophe unless the United Nations realizes the seriousness of that and works to implement the agreement in all its aspects.


The siege of the al-Durayhimi city has undoubtedly revealed the level of media blackout on its tragedy and the failure of the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to lift the siege on it, or even enter relief aid for its residents, or at least highlight the city that has turned into a mass grave for all of its inhabitants.


The prominent international and regional experts team on Yemen had expressed, in their last report, their concern over the prevention of access to the city of al- Durayhimi, noting that they could not determine the exact number of individuals who still live in the city.


The report accused the coalition of using the blockade as a collective punishment against civilians, affirming that the restrictions imposed on access represented by the blockade and other measures taken by the coalition forces and the conditions of the military siege have significantly hindered humanitarian operations.


With the continued siege and the crimes of the aggression coalition against the civilians in al-Durayhimi city in particular and Hodeidah province in general, no doubt, will come the day when the United Nations mourns itself for all the peoples of the world.




Translated by B.A.






resource : Saba

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