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29 US-Saudi-led airstrikes launches on 4 provinces

29 US-Saudi-led airstrikes launches on 4 provinces


PROVINCES, Feb. 11 (Saba) – The US-Saudi-led aggression coalition warplane launched twenty nine airstrikes on four provinces, and the aggression forces continued to violate in Hodeidah province over the 24 past hours, a military official told Saba on Tuesday.

In separate places of 7 July residential area and al-Khamseen Street, the aggression forces targeted intensively with artillery and heavy and medium machine guns, said the official.

Four missiles were hit by the aggression forces in towards al-Ithad and al-Handasah hotel in al-Khamseen St., three Katyusha missiles and medium machine guns hit al-Dhubiani neighborhood in 7 July residential area, as well as hit with four Katyusha missiles al-Halqa souk.

In al-Hodeidah International Airport, the forces of aggression bombed with mortar shells, shelled Katyusha rockets, the residential neighborhoods in kilo 16 of al-Durihmi district, and a military bulldozer of the forces of aggression created combat fortifications in kilo 16.

In al-Durihmi, a house was destroyed and burned another as a result of mercenaries' artillery shelling of al-Jurba al-Olia, while the citizens' houses and properties shelled by medium and heavy weapons south and east of al-Durihmi city.

In the west of al-Tuhita city, twenty eight shells were hit by the invaders artillery causing losses in the citizens' properties, heavy and medium-caliber bullets shelled al-Jabalia area of al-Tuhita district, targeting al-Shaab village and other residential areas in northern of Hays with more than 22 mortar shells.

In Kitaf District, the aggression launched three raids in the province of Saada in al-Fara area and a raid in the al-Hamzat region, as well as launched three raids on Saqin district.

In Nehm district, the aggression's aircraft launched four raids on Salb Mountain in Sanaa province, and four raids on Majzar district of Marib province.

In al- Jawf province, the source indicated that the aircraft launched a raid on Wadi Harrab in the district of Khab Wa Ash Shaaf, a raid on the al-Ghayl district and a raid on the al-Maslub district.


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