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People of Abyan condemn ammunition factory trap

People of Abyan condemn ammunition factory trap


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ABYAN, March 30 (Saba)- People of Abyan province have strongly condemned the crime of blowing up the ammunition factory in al-Hesn town, which led to the killing of hundreds of innocent citizens due to a trap prepared by terrorists of al-Qaeda.

This came in a statement issued on Wednesday at the conclusion of a mass expanded-meeting, which was held in the city of Zonjbar in Abyan province and attended by local officials and tribal, social and religious figures and representatives of women and civil society organizations .

Abyan Governor Saleh al-Zawari pointed out in the meeting that the people of Abyan still in a moment of shock as a result of this tragedy.

He said that what happens in some areas of Abyan confirms without doubt that the owners of criminal and terrorist plans from terrorists and killers seek to impose a bloody reality in society and to drag the country into wars and strife.

" The attack on the factory and seizing machineries and weapons and tampering its contents is a satanic trap and a terrorist act to entrap those who come after, from security men or other citizens", said al-Zawari.

Moreover, the statement affirmed that what happened at the factory ammunition is a crime, and lays down the responsibility before the political leadership and the province leadership to hold all those who had a hand in the occurrence of this tragedy.

The statement called on human rights organizations and media that supposedly neutral to deal with responsibility, absolute transparency and clear attitude toward what the Yemeni people is exposed to from terrorist crimes.



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