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Destructive gang kills court guard in south Yemen

Destructive gang kills court guard in south Yemen


LAHJ, Feb. 24(Saba) - A guard of al-Maflahi district Court in Lahj province was murdered by separatists on Tuesday night.

Local sources accused the so-called Taher Tamah gang of being behind the murder, saying that gang members were inside two cars when they suddenly came and shot heavy fire on the guard.

The attackers could flee after exchanging fire with soldiers at the court, reported

The soldier's corpse was transferred to hospital, and his sons asked the security authorities to discover the killers and bring them to justice.

Earlier, reports surfaced on armed groups that were formed by Taher Tamah and Sami Dayan, two prominent leader in the secessionist movement,  to cut roads and commit banditry, kidnap cars and loot public and private properties.

Tuesday's heinous crime occurred as Lahj Local Council condemned all rioting and subversive forms after shops were burned and the people attacked in the province.

In a meeting that was chaired by Governor Muhsen Ali al-Naqeeb , the council urged to pursue fugitive destructive elements, pointing to further measures recently taken to deal with the situation.


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