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Six points proposed to Saada rebels to end insurgence

Six points proposed to Saada rebels to end insurgence


SAADA, Aug. 12 (Saba)- The Supreme Security Committee (SSC) thrashed out on Wednesday the latest development in Saada governorate in the light of the Local Authority announcement of emergency state in the governorate.

The SSC affirmed concern to protect bloodshed of innocent people in the governorate and notified Saada governor with six points to be presented to the rebels to give a chance to achieve peace in the governorate as follows:

1- withdraw from all districts of Saada and remove all check points hindering citizens movement,
2- descend from mountains and end banditry and destruction acts,
3- hand over all military and civil equipment they overtook,
4- clarify the situation of the foreign kidnapped people as information indicate Al-Houthis behind their abduction,
5- hand over kidnappers from Saada, and
6- no intervention into the Local Authority affairs in any form.

The committee emphasized the importance of Al-Houthis to apply these points if they have any intention for peace, noting that the issue of arrested people due to rebellion and destruction can be solved in case rebel elements committed to the aforementioned points.



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