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Man who provided rebels with information about missiles to be tried

Man who provided rebels with information about missiles to be tried


SANA'A, June 12 (Saba) – A Yemeni national is due in court next week on charges of supporting the Houthi rebels.

Muhammad Abdullah al-Bahri is said to have provided the rebels with information about how to produce missiles and radiant elements.

The GPC-run cited judicial sources as saying al-Bahri also faces charges of taking photos of Hajjah province from the Google Earth with the intention to identify heights where planned war positions for the rebels could be set up to fight the troops.

He is also accused of designing websites to contact the rebels.

Al-Bahri was sized on 28 March in Sana'a.

The police then found with him information about how to produce domestic missiles initially with materials available at local markets, which he was about to pass to the rebels in the north.

Al-Bahri confessed during investigations he met with the second-in-command of the Houthi rebels Abu Ameen, who asked him to collect information about manufacturing missiles, radiant elements and photos of Hajjah.

He admitted he had provided the rebels with wanted information, saying his reports contained information on manufacturing missiles like those produced by the Palestinian movement of Hamas, so-called al Qassam missiles.

On the other hand, a third Yemeni citizen is to go on trial next Sunday on dissidence charges, the state-run said.

Hussein Zaid Yahya faces charges related to inciting the public to fight the authorities, breaking laws and igniting sectarianism.

Yahya was arrested in Abyan on May 4.

Earlier, an ex-ambassador went on trial on dissidence charges.

Qasim Askar Jubran, Yemen's former envoy to Mauritania, faces charges of threatening national unity and inciting a fight against the authorities.

Few days later, Fadi Ahmed Hassan Baom also appeared in court on similar charges. Baom faces charges over grave crimes against the nation including threatening national unity and inciting secessionism.

The trials come after unrest has recently been seen in several southern parts of Yemen where the civilians fought the troops calling for the secessionism of the south.


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