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PM calls for setting up regional center for studying natural phenomena

PM calls for setting up regional center for studying natural phenomena


SANA'A, April 06 (Saba) - Prime Minister Ali Mujawar called for setting up a regional center for monitoring and studying natural phenomena and to be linked with related national and international centers.

During the opening of the Fifth Gulf for Seismic Sciences, Mujawar talked about the significance of exchanging information and researches among the region's states about the geological activities, noting that earthquakes do not know boarders or barriers and Tsunami is the best example for this fact as its effects have reached our southern coasts.

"Cooperation in this field must be focused on exchanging geological information, experiences, researches and studies to help governments for improving their capabilities on dealing with such natural disasters fast", Mujawar said.

He stressed on the necessity of continuing the care of the forum for reaching the ideal cooperation between the region's states in general and the states of the peninsula in particular through expanding communication channels between Seismic specialists and experts who of course need to make use of available information and researches at the regional level.

He signaled to the volcanic activities the country has witnessed in the Jabal al-Tair island in the Red Sea and other natural phenomena led to increasing the government's care and support to improve the technical, equipment and research sectors in this regard.

"The National Potential Natural Hazard Map is under preparation currently" the premier said, adding that it would assist the government in locating the areas might be subjected to any natural disasters.

For his part, Minister of Oil and Minerals Khaled Bahah praised efforts exerted by Gulf countries in field of seismic studies and avoiding their perils, noting that his ministry has adopted strategic plans in this field through supporting and developing Dhamar Earthquake Monitoring and Studying Center established in 1982.

About 20 Arab countries and 13 foreign ones take part in the Fifth Gulf for Seismic Sciences being held on 6 – 9 April.

The participants will discuss in four days 60 papers set to deal with seismic activities on Arab area and joint viewpoints for reducing risks from earthquakes.



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