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Army's spokesman : Coalition continues to violate Sweden deal, commits 283 violations within 72 hours

Army's spokesman : Coalition continues to violate Sweden deal, commits 283 violations within 72 hours


SANAA, Feb. 27 (Saba) The spokesman of the armed forces, Brigadier Yahya Sarie said Tuesday that our forces are committed to the implementation of UN resolutions, the plan of redeployment and cease fire in Hodeidah, and that the legitimate and deterrent response will be a viable option if the coalition forces persisted in their arrogance and to not respect to the agreement.

"We call upon the United Nations, its special envoy and the head of the international observer team to take a firm and serious stance on the intransigence and procrastination of the coalition aggression troops, heir failure to implement the agreement and their continued violation of the cease-fire in Hodeidah, "He said.

He added that the coalition aggression forces have no desire to implement the agreement, stop the war, end the suffering of our people, and they persisted in delay them, their try to circumvent the terms of the agreement, continue their intensive violations and commit more heinous crimes against our people.

"Although we have made a lot of concessions, started implementing the first phase of the redeployment in Hodeidah, the coalition and its mercenaries delayed and did not abide by the implementation of the agreement and continued their violations in the past 72 hours, committing 283 violations targeting residential neighborhoods which reflects the extent of hatred, non-respect for the human and moral values ​​and indifference toward the UN resolutions, " he said.

He pointed out that the violations of the aggression and its mercenaries were distributed between the launch of 128 shells , 111 shooting of various medium and light weapons, 19 reinforcements and movements of their forces and fighters, 9 operation of development and new fortifications and the mercenaries of the aggression, four attempts to infiltrate to the positions of army in Hayes, And 12 violations by the air force of enemy in the atmosphere in the city of Hodeidah and a number of districts.

The official spokesman said that the air aggression continued to commit more crimes and targeting residential neighborhoods and public and private property in a number of provinces with 49 raids on different areas.

He pointed out that the heroes of the army, supported by popular forces, repulsed eight infiltration of mercenaries towards the positions of our forces in Dhalea, off Najran, Boka, Alajashr and foiled two attempts infiltration of mercenaries to our positions in Jawf and off Jizan.

He said that in response to the escalation of aggression and their mercenaries, the heroes of our forces carried out 11 military operations, including two attacks, a raid and eight quality operations targeting sites, gatherings, points of supply lines, movements of mercenaries causing direct casualties among their ranks.

He also confirmed those operations left dozens of mercenaries dead and wounded, including nine of them were sniped east of the Dodd and Khubba.

He affirmed that Brigadier General Salman al-Asiri, commander of the Special Electronic Planning Squad, was also killed when the artillery force hit its military vehicle in Sudis, Najran.

The spokesman of army added that the army heroes were able, thanks to God, to destroying and damaging 21 armored fighting vehicles, military vehicles and pick-ups.


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