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12 UAE soldiers killed in army attack

12 UAE soldiers killed in army attack


TAIZ, Feb. 18 (Saba) – The army and popular forces killed 12 United Arab Emirates soldiers and destroyed eight military vehicles in an attack in Mouza district of the Yemeni southern province of Taiz on Sunday evening , a military official told Saba.

The army set a tightened siege on the remaining UAE troops and mercenaries in the area, while warplanes of Saudi aggression dropped cluster bombs on its mercenaries, killing dozens of them during they tried to escape.
The attack took place while the UAE occupation forces were moving in a military convoy on their route to the front line in the country’s western coast.
The UAE convoy failed to escape the attack despite heavy air cover by the Saudi-led coalition aggression warplanes.
The official added that 4 Emirati armored vehicles and 4 others of Saudi-baked mercenaries were destroyed in the army and committees mik4litary operation in Mouza district.

Sameera H.

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