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Aggression-linked criminal elements arrested in Baidha

Aggression-linked criminal elements arrested in Baidha


SANA’A, Jan. 06 (Saba) – The security media published new confessions of several criminal elements linking to the aggression in Baidha province, a security official told Saba on Saturday.

The arrested were working on implementing the aggression schemes that target citizens and the homeland’s security and stability, the official added.

The crimes of those elements included making explosive devices and detonating them and monitoring the army and popular forces movements and collaborating with the enemy and providing its warplanes with coordinates.

According to the confessions, the so-called Al-Qaeda Organization recruited a number of misled persons and sent them to fight in the aggression ranks, and the aggression forces also trained some mercenaries and engaged them within the Al-Qaeda cells.

It is also mentioned in the confessions that some of Al-Qaeda-recruited elements planted and exploded explosive devices targeting citizens in the roads, markets and public facilities.

The security official indicated that these confessions revealed the scale of the coordination between the aggression and its mercenaries and the terrorist organizations.

A member of Al-Qaeda, who already participated in one of the aggression camps, admitted that he received an order to plant an explosive device among the participants in a celebration of the Prophet Birthday Anniversary in Baidha province, but the security services aborted the operation, the official said.

He pointed out that the security services and the popular forces had foiled many of criminal plans in the province and detained a number of the criminal elements, whose confessions disclosed the fact that the aggression used those groups as fighters its ranks.


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