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SPC calls Int'l community to lift air embargo on Sana'a Airport

SPC calls Int'l community to lift air embargo on Sana'a Airport


SANA'A, Jan. 28 (Saba) - The Supreme Political Council (SPC) called on Saturday the international community to lift the air embargo imposed by the Saudi-led aggression coalition on Sana'a International Airport and to end all forms of unjust siege on Yemen.

In its meeting, which was chaired by Vice-President Dr. Qasim Labuza, the council confirmed that the blockade has affected the lives and rights of citizens and expanded the circle of poverty and need and is a disgrace to the silent and complicit international institutions.

In the meeting, the members of the national negotiating delegation, Arif al-Zoka and Mahdi al-Mashat, informed the council on the results of the delegation's meetings with the United Nations' envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh, during his recent visit to the capital Sana'a, as well as the efforts to reopen Sana'a Airport before the air traffic.

Al-Zoka and al-Mashat said that Ould Cheikh, during his recent visit, was briefed on the size of the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the unfair actions taken by the aggression against civilians, including the imposition of the air embargo and prevent civil and commercial flights to and from Sana'a International Airport, in a an apparent violation of all international laws and customs.

They indicated that the national delegation confirmed to the UN envoy its insistence on a comprehensive cessation of the aggression and lifting the unjust siege on all land, sea and air ports, topped by Sana'a International Airport, to allow free movement of citizens, transfer patients to receive treatment and allow Yemenis stranded in airports of the world to return home.

In this regard, the council hailed the role praised the role played by the national delegation, valuing the efforts of the competent security authorities at Sana'a International Airport to secure the United Nations and international organizations flights.


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