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Defense Minister, Chief of Staff discuss developing army trainings

Defense Minister, Chief of Staff discuss developing army trainings


SANA'A, Jan. 02 (Saba) – Defense Minister Maj. Gen Mohammed Nasser al-Atefi discussed on Monday with the Chief of Staff Maj. Gen Mohammed al-Aghmari the role of the military colleges in the aspects of rehabilitation and training.

The meeting also discussed the role of the military colleges in developing fields of military science and other fields.

The defense minister said that the next stage would experience more attention, especially in qualitative field for the higher military academic and military colleges as being a core of the future work of the armed forces.

" Our country will get out from conflict and disorder; and the wheel of construction and development will be launched forward so that the military academic, colleges, and educational and military institutes would play their roles in rehabilitating young and qualified cadres in various military specialties'', the defense minister said.

He hailed the role of the Command Military Academy, departments of the war college, Air defense and maritime college for their military discipline and their maintaining on the infrastructure.

The minister also praised their role in providing programs, training plans and rehabilitation in this sensitive stage that Yemen undergoes due to the aggression and blockade against the country.

On the other hand, deputy director of the Supreme Military Academy and directors of the military colleges said that the academy and military colleges have preserved their distinctive performance on the basis of the material, equipment, training programs and rehabilitation.

Monday's meeting chaired by Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser al-Atefi, Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Mohammed Alghmri, Deputy Chief of Maj. Gen. Ali al-Mawshaki, director of the Higher Military Academy and directors of military colleges at the Ministry of Defense.


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