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Information Minster directs media efforts to confront US-Saudi aggression

Information Minster directs media efforts to confront US-Saudi aggression


SANAA, Dec. 1 (Saba) – Information Minister Ahmed Mohammed Hamid stressed on the importance of collecting all efforts to succeed media work to serve the interests of the country and enhance the solidarity, steadfastness in the face of the US-Saudi brutal aggression and their siege that imposed on Yemen.

In a broad meeting with the leaderships of the country's state media that held in the information ministry headquarters here in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday, the minister was briefed with viewpoints, plans and activities of the media institutions and difficulties they face during carrying out their jobs.

The minister stressed on the need to formulate a ministry's agenda to ensure the success of the national salvation government's duties in the face of current difficult conditions and ways to overcome them.

In the meeting, Deputy Information Minister, Hashim Sharaf al-Deen, spoke on the importance to activate the media and provide a true picture of the events of Yemen to the world by using the most important worldwide foreign languages.

Sharaf al-Deen also stressed on the importance to unite the national media policy and adopt a unified message aimed at strengthening the national unity and steadfastness to confront the Saudi-American aggression and their unjust siege.


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