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Mercenaries kill, abduct hundreds of al-Serari people

Mercenaries kill, abduct hundreds of al-Serari people


TAIZ, July 27 (Saba) - The Riyadh's mercenaries have killed and abducted hundreds and destroyed tens of houses of al-Serari village's citizens in Taiz province, a local report said on Wednesday.

The report showed that the mercenaries have abducted at least 125 civilians form al-Serari, al-Hyyar and Thi al-Brah villages in Saber-al-Mwadem district. The abductees are 90 people, 45 of them are children taken to unknown place and 35 women, some with their babies, captured at Hasban al-A'ala School.

The mercenaries have also executed five people, according to the report, which also confirmed that more than 15 people are missing.

The mercenaries have broken in the houses of the villages and burned about 30 houses, including 20 houses in al-Serari village and five houses in each of al-Hyyar and Thi al-Brah villages.

The report also said the mercenaries have burnt Sheikh Jamal al-Din Mosque, dug up his body and set it on fire and destroyed its shrine. They also slayed all livestock in the area and throw them on the roadsides to celebrate the killing and displacement of the villages' people.

The report underlined that the abduction, burning of houses and bombing mosques operations are still ongoing until the moment of writing the report.


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