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Aggression continues to breach ceasefire

Aggression continues to breach ceasefire


PROVINCES, July 23 (Saba) - The Saudi aggression and its hirelings continued to breach the UN-sponsored ceasefire in several provinces, a military official on Saturday.

The Saudi warplanes waged a series of raids on Serwah of Mareb province and many raids on al-Ghail district of Jawf province. At the same time, the Riyadh's hirelings pounded on al-Ghail distirct with artillery shells.

The warplanes waged several raids on al-Amri areas in Dhubab district, al-Shurajah area, al-Dhabi area in Haifan district of Taiz province. The hirelings pounded houses in al-Sarari village in Saber-al-Mawadem district and other neighboring villages in the district, wounding a number of children and women, according to the official.

The hirelings also targeted Jamal al-Addin Mosque in Ghurab area in Taiz province.

The Saudi aggression launched raids on Haradh city and Wadi Moor area in Hajjah province. Meanwhile, the army and popular committees repelled an attempt to advance towards Haradh Customs area.

The Riyadh's hirelings pounded Mabda'a area in Nehm district of Sana'a province. The aggression targeted al-Abaisha bridge in Wadi Moor linking between Hajjah and Amran provinces.

The Saudi warplanes launched two raids on al-Huwaimi area in Karesh district of Lahj province and targeted al-Hathira site in Najran region.


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