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  US-Saudi Aggression
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American-Zionist espionage activities prevented Yemen from possessing any military capabilities throughout previous stages
American-Zionist espionage activities prevented Yemen from possessing any military capabilities throughout previous stages
American-Zionist espionage activities prevented Yemen from possessing any military capabilities throughout previous stages
[Thu, 20 Jun 2024 11:37:27 +0300]

SANA'A June 20. 2024 (Saba) - In light of the conspiracies of the hegemonic forces and global arrogance against Yemen, the confessions of the American, Zionist spy cell that was arrested by the security services revealed the recruitment of fighters in bases supervised by the enemy to report on the Yemeni armed forces in their various formations.

The confessions revealed the recruitment of spies to provide detailed studies to American intelligence and the Zionist Mossad on Yemeni military capabilities and monitor movements, strategic , tactical capabilities, and the theater of Yemeni military operations.

It also revealed that the spy cell has been providing the CIA and the Israeli Mossad for decades with extremely confidential and dangerous information about the Yemeni armed forces and the capabilities they possess, to be a direct target for the American and Zionist intelligence services , their spies, and to hinder any development work for them.

What is more dangerous is that the American-Israeli spy cell managed intelligence activities, targeting the strategic military and manufacturing capabilities of the Yemeni armed forces, raising coordinates and doing everything that would achieve the enemy’s intelligence goals.

The spy Jamal Mahmoud Al-Sharabi admitted in his confessions to submitting reports to American intelligence about field developments on the Yemeni military front, and the executive tasks assigned to him within the American-Israeli spy network, indicating that his intelligence activity at the American embassy began in the year 2014 AD, as a specialist in political and economic affairs, and was nature of his work is intelligence work for the embassy by providing information , data about the political, legal, military and security situation in Yemen.

He stated that he carried out many intelligence work for the CIA, including writing political, military, economic, security reports , analyzes , presenting them to American officers. He also trained four CIA operatives via the Internet on the political, economic, military, and security files in which he worked.

According to the evaluation documents of spy Jamal Al-Sharabi issued by the US Embassy, this spy worked hard as a member of the team alongside others in the department, and his deep knowledge of the political, military and economic situation in Yemen enabled the Yemeni Affairs Unit to make accurate analytical reports.

According to the assessment documents, the database of spy Jamal Al-Sharabi is deep in local sources, allowing the Yemeni Affairs Unit to have direct access to sources that were not accessible due to their presence in exile in Riyadh.

According to his confessions, the tasks of Al-Sharabi spy included monitoring, analyzing and submitting reports on field military developments in Yemen, as well as monitoring public events , religious events and submitting reports about them to American intelligence.

He also admitted that he worked with five American officers: “Melissa Lane, Olga Romanova, Carlton, Chris Kofflers, and Elizabeth Al-Khodari.”

The sabotage role of American and Zionist intelligence during the recent period contributed to the destruction and explosion of Yemeni air defense missiles , the restructuring and dismantling of the army to serve American and Israeli interests.

In the same context, the spy Abdul Moein Hussein Azzan admitted that he worked with American intelligence in 2006 AD, and provided the Israeli Mossad and American intelligence with comprehensive information about Ansar Allah. His espionage role included providing Mossad and American intelligence with information about Yemeni military industrialization, strategic capabilities, evangelization and Christianization during his work with the American companies Atlanta and Origin.

He converted to Christianity, he also worked to recruit and attract local associations, institutions, organizations, and political, parliamentary, media, human rights, social, and religious figures for the benefit of American intelligence.

The spy, Azzan, admitted that his activity with the Americans began in 2003 AD by working with the “Atlanta and Oregon” company for printer inks... indicating that the two American companies were active in proselytizing and Christianizing, and he participated with them in this activity until he converted to Christianity.

Azzan joined the American Democratic Institute in early 2006 and worked there for the American Intelligence until mid-2009, indirectly through a former employee of the American Intelligence called Murad Dhafer.

The spy, Azzan, admitted that, during his activity with the American Democratic Institute, he received a training course from an American expert who was brought in from Washington and provided the institute with information about Parliament and its activities, relying on several sources recruited by the Institute and by him personally in 2008 AD, until he became responsible for the Parliament’s program and provided a responsible woman. The Yemen Office in Washington provided information until mid-2009.

He stated that he was assigned to work with the representative of Israeli interests at the American embassy to collect information about Ansar Allah and shoulder-fired air defense weapons, and he was sent in 2014 by the embassy to America to receive training for two weeks, during which he met a senior official from the CIA.

The spy, Azzan, admitted that in 2019 he worked with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and participated with the Commission in its extensive intelligence activities for the benefit of the CIA. His activity focused on collecting information and data on military manufacturing, missile capabilities, unmanned aviation, naval capabilities, and military sites.

These confessions make clear the extent of the subversive intelligence activities that the American intelligence and the Israeli Mossad have been carrying out to target Yemen’s military capabilities and obstruct any efforts for the country to possess any strategic weapons that would enable it to defend its sovereignty and independence.


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UPDATED ON :Wed, 17 Jul 2024 11:25:16 +0300