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Despite his losing bet... Netanyahu considers Rafah last card in his war on Gaza
Despite his losing bet... Netanyahu considers Rafah last card in his war on Gaza
Despite his losing bet... Netanyahu considers Rafah last card in his war on Gaza

SANA'A May 10. 2024 (Saba) - Despite his losing bet & the pressure he receives from the families of Zionist detainees in addition to international pressure.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers Rafah his last card to continue the war on the Gaza Strip to ensure his survival in power.

This escalation comes against the backdrop of already deteriorating humanitarian and living conditions, unimaginable to the human mind, as a result of the Zionist genocidal war that has been going on for more than half a year, exacerbated by the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and the loss of the basic necessities of life, which deepens the crisis and complicates the chances of reaching a truce or a ceasefire deal.

More than two months ago, Netanyahu began waving an invasion of Rafah, announcing that the decision had been made and his army was waiting for the green light to begin the military operation in the city, to which more than one million and 500,000 Palestinians have been displaced.

Political analysts and military experts believe that Netanyahu is preparing Rafah as his last card to continue the war on the Gaza Strip to ensure his survival in power.

They pointed out that since the beginning of the war, it has been seeking to control the Philadelphia axis (Salah al-Din axis) and the Rafah crossing, to impose its hegemony on these two sites in the border city.

Analysts say that for Netanyahu, the city of Rafah is a pressure card on Hamas to conclude a deal to release its detainees, as liberating them by military force is not easy to succeed.

They stressed that he is also seeking in the tactic of the operation in Rafah to establish a buffer zone east and south of the city near the border areas, and to push citizens to the western areas, specifically Al-Mawasi.

In this context, retired military major general and Egyptian expert Samir Farag said, in a statement to the Arab World News Agency: The Zionist entity is trying to remove citizens and displaced people from the center of Rafah, and to create a buffer zone east and south of the city towards the border, as it believes that there are tunnels in these areas.

He pointed to the pressure Netanyahu faces from the families of Zionist detainees who go out in demonstrations demanding freedom for their children, saying: "He in turn puts pressure on Hamas through the Rafah card, and wants to buy time and increase the number of hostages released in any future deal, and at the same time reduce the pressure on himself."

He continued: "Netanyahu realizes that the liberation of the hostages by force will not succeed, and the entry into Rafah is a disaster and a massacre of one and a half million displaced people within an area of eight kilometers.

If the Zionist army enters Rafah, it will not get a hostage alive." Jordanian political analyst Hamada Faraneh confirmed that Netanyahu has main goals to invade Rafah, the most important of which is the liquidation of Hamas leaders who are believed to be in Rafah after he invaded most of the Gaza Strip and found no leaders or hostages.

"Netanyahu is betting that the Zionist prisoners are in the Rafah area, so he wants to release them without an exchange deal," Faraneh said.

"Despite Netanyahu's repeated promises to the Egyptians that the military operation will not reach the border, it is possible that he will not abide by that, and that he will try to control the Rafah crossing area as well and deport Palestinians to Sinai."

According to the latest update on the geographical distribution of the displaced, Ismail al-Thawabteh, director general of the Government Information Office in the Gaza Strip, said: "700,000 people are in the Gaza and North governorates, 450,000 are displaced in the central governorate, 50,000 are displaced in Khan Yunis, and one million and 200,000 are displaced in Rafah governorate in the southern Gaza Strip."

Al-Thawabta warned of the invasion of Rafah, describing this as "a form of madness, crossing all red lines, and a historical milestone in terms of continuous attacks" since the war began on the seventh of last October.

He held the US administration, the international community and the Zionist enemy army fully responsible for any "disaster" or "massacre" that may occur in Rafah, and called on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities and stop any crime that the Zionist enemy may commit by invading Rafah.

Zaher Jabarin, a member of Hamas' political bureau and acting head of the movement in the West Bank, warned of the repercussions of any military operation in Rafah.

He said that the United States would be "a full partner in the Rafah massacre because it blocked the ceasefire resolutions in the Security Council and declared that the recent Security Council resolution is not binding, and this gave the enemy more freedom to continue its crimes and killings."

He added: "The file of enemy prisoners will not be far from the repercussions of the massacre that will be carried out in Rafah, and the repercussions of the political and humanitarian Rafah process will be greater than the file of prisoners and exchange, and the file of prisoners will turn into a marginal and secondary issue."

He continued: "If such an invasion occurs, the Zionist entity will declare the complete occupation of the Gaza Strip."

He warned that "the political repercussions of this on the war agreement with the United States of America, on the relationship with Egypt, and on the entire Arab official system will be significant."

Regarding the humanitarian level in the event of an invasion of Rafah, Jabarin stressed that "we will be facing a bloody scene no less than the bloody scenes that arose after the enemy in the current war."

Since the beginning of the ground operation launched by the Zionist enemy forces on the Gaza Strip on October 27, citizens have been asked to go from the north and center of the Strip to the south, claiming that they are "safe areas."

Today, Rafah, with an estimated area of 65 square kilometers, expands to more than 1.5 million Palestinians, facing dire conditions inside thousands of tents scattered throughout the city, while enemy vehicles move south from the coastal north.

It is noteworthy that thousands have been displaced to Rafah several times over the Zionist-American aggression since the seventh of last October, and they are currently returning to the north after enemy forces asked them to evacuate the eastern part of the city.

The Zionist enemy continues its aggression by land, sea and air on the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October, which resulted in the martyrdom of nearly 35,000 martyrs, the majority of whom were children and women, and the injury of more than 78,514 others, while thousands of victims are still under the rubble.

The Zionist enemy's military move in Rafah, after Hamas announced the approval of the deal, raised the eyebrows of observers in the usurping entity, stressing that the Rafah operation is a "step to pressure" the Palestinian movement to complete the exchange deal, but not on Hamas' terms.

Zionist observers considered that "the success here is that the military threat in Rafah leads to the desired result, which is the liberation of the hostages and damage to Hamas."

It is worth mentioning that at a time when the world was about to forget the Palestinian cause, and the forces of arrogance wanted to turn the page of the Palestinian people forever, Hamas launched the Al-Aqsa flood operation to shake the world, and to break the thorn of the Zionist enemy, and soon drew attention, attracted supporters, and moved the world and the resistance forces around it, and for more than seven months since the start of the aggression on Gaza, the resistance in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq devoted the concept of the "support front" to a major front in the steadfast Strip.


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