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Yemen's entry into battle was a big pressure factor on Zionist enemy that made him recalculate
Yemen's entry into battle was a big pressure factor on Zionist enemy that made him recalculate
Yemen's entry into battle was a big pressure factor on Zionist enemy that made him recalculate

SANA'A April 16. 2024 (Saba) - It is no longer a secret that Yemen's entry into the battle of the "Al-Aqsa Flood" in late October and the naval blockade it imposed on the Zionist enemy in the Red Sea, the Arab Sea and the Indian Ocean constituted a major pressure factor on the enemy and made him recalculate all his calculations.

The Yemeni position surprised everyone, led by the Zionist entity, America, Britain and all their allies in the West, who did not expect that the Yemeni people and their armed forces would have such a pivotal and influential role on the course of the battle, especially since Yemen has been subjected for more than nine years to aggression and blockade planned and supervised by Washington with the aim of exhausting it at all economic, military, social and other levels.

America and its allies did not expect all the military readiness shown by the Yemeni armed forces, after entering the front line and carrying out many qualitative operations against Israeli strategic targets, and targeting the ships of the Zionist, American and British enemy in the Red Sea, the Arab and Bab al-Mandab.

At that time, the shock occurred, and the evil trio realized the failure of all their calculations and military intelligence towards the Yemen front, and this showed America, Britain and Israel in that way of confusion and inability to confront the threat coming from Yemen against American-Zionist interests in the region.

Although Yemen's role was the most influential and painful for the American and Zionist enemy due to Yemen's geographical location controlling shipping lines, the activation of the unity of the arenas of the axis of resistance expanded the scope of the conflict and made the entity government realize that it does not face the Palestinian resistance alone, but must confront the axis of resistance at the regional level.

As for the United States and Britain, they realized that their military position in the Middle East region has not and will not be feasible to protect Israel and its interests anymore, and it cannot stand in the face of the Yemeni armed forces or prevent them from carrying out their operations in support of the Palestinian people and the valiant resistance in Gaza.

Yemen has already proven that it now has a military strike force and poses a real threat to Israel and its allies, with its missile capabilities and combat drones, which can reach Israel and attack Israeli and American ships along the Red Sea and Arabian Sea region to the Indian Ocean, especially since Israel relies on shipping for most of its trade exchanges.

Many American and Zionist leaders, officials, experts have acknowledged that the threats posed by Yemen's operations include the southern parts of Israel through rocket and drone attacks, as well as the disruption of Israeli trade, most of which passes through the Bab al-Mandab Strait, in addition to the ability of Yemeni forces to launch attacks on Israeli interests in the region and other targets that are within their reach.

According to observers, the growing Yemeni military capabilities have become a major concern for the Zionist entity, especially after it was able to reach Israel, through its long-range missiles and drones, which Sana'a now possesses manufacturing technologies.

The Yemeni armed forces revealed through military parades in September 2023 many updates in their military arsenal, foremost of which are ballistic missiles with a range of up to 2,000 kilometers, "Flood and Quds-4" missiles, as well as their possession of cruise missiles with a range of about 2,000 kilometers and weigh half a ton.

The armed forces also revealed their huge arsenal of drones such as the Samad 3, which has a range of 1,500-2,000 kilometers, the Samad 4 drones, which have a range of more than 2,000 kilometers, in addition to the Wa'eed drone, which has a range of 2,500 kilometers, and can reach not only Eilat, but also Tel Aviv, and other naval weapons.

Since 2014, Yemen has been able to develop and modernize its military capabilities, but the aggression and blockade that the country has been subjected to since 2015 has pushed it more towards local military production and industrialization to meet the challenges and dangers it faces, leading to its possession of missiles and drones capable of reaching any target deep inside the countries of aggression and beyond.

Following the launch of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and the subsequent brutal Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Yemeni leadership and people stood up with all their capabilities in the face of the Zionist enemy, in response to the ethnic cleansing and deadly siege of the population of Gaza by this rogue entity, with direct Western American support at all levels.

What pushed the Yemeni people more to move and exert their utmost efforts to support the Palestinian brothers and relieve pressure on them was the unlimited American and Western support for the Zionist entity, as well as the shameful position of the Arab puppet countries and regimes that stood by and watched the war of extermination to which the Palestinians are subjected in Gaza.

The operations of the Yemeni armed forces reached for the first time in the occupied territories on the nineteenth of last October through a series of attacks that targeted and continue to target the depth of Israel, causing in addition to the naval blockade imposed by Yemen on Israeli navigation significant economic losses to the occupying entity.

As a result, the Zionist enemy was forced to deploy naval platforms or air defense systems and the so-called "Iron Dome" to try to intercept ballistic missiles and drones coming from Yemen, which have become a source of grave concern for Israel more than ever.

However, despite the great costs incurred by the enemy to install these systems, the operations of the Yemeni armed forces succeeded in reaching their goals and imposing isolation on the port of um al-Rashrash "Eilat" and bringing it to a critical condition that prompted it to lay off the majority of its workers after it was unable to pay their wages.

Six months of aggression on Gaza have elapsed, during which Yemen has taken the purest positions in the region and the world in support of the Palestinian people, and despite its distance from the occupied territories, it was able to engage in a direct confrontation with the enemy, whether by targeting the ships of the Zionist enemy at sea or targeting many sensitive sites of the enemy in the Palestinian territories.

On the other hand, the Zionist enemy has not achieved any achievement on the ground in terms of undermining or crushing the capabilities of the Palestinian resistance, as it claimed at the beginning of its war on the Gaza Strip, from which it only reaped more killing and exterminating civilians, and other negative consequences that reflected on it, foremost of which was its exposure to the peoples of the whole world as a brutal Nazi entity devoid of all human values and principles.


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