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  Revolution Leader
Revolution leader: Martyr leader took Qur’anic advice to confront project of Israeli attack
Revolution leader: Martyr leader took Qur’anic advice to confront project of Israeli attack
Revolution leader: Martyr leader took Qur’anic advice to confront project of Israeli attack

SANA'A February 06. 2024 (Saba) - The leader of the revolution, Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, confirmed that the martyr leader, Sayyed. Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, moved with the Qur’anic project to confront the American-Israeli-Jewish attack, from a Qur’anic standpoint of faith that embodies the correct position and the wise vision for the benefit of the nation and its salvation.

The Leader of the Revolution explained in his speech today on the anniversary of the martyr leader, Sayyed. Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, that on this twenty-sixth day of the month of Rajab, twenty years ago, the martyr of the Qur’an, Sayyed. Commander Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, may God be pleased with him, rose as a victorious martyr in an unjust aggression that targeted him. The unjust authority at that time was to appease America and draw closer to it. This aggression continued for nearly three months and with American supervision and instigation. This was the first war that was followed by several wars against the Qur’anic project that was driven by it.

He pointed out that the first war was of an aggressive, criminal, brutal, arrogant, tyrannical, and unfair nature, and had no justification or legitimacy. He wondered, “What did the martyr leader, may God be pleased with him, do to make them wage that war against him, target him with that aggression, and work to kill him?”

He said, "His issue was that he moved with a Qur’anic project that would remind people of the Book of God and present a Qur’anic vision that guides the nation on how to confront the imminent danger facing it following the American-Israeli and Western attack after the events of September 11, which in itself is a Zionist creation to be a great pretext for implementing a new phase of their plots to directly control Muslims, distort their identity, occupy their countries, and plunder their wealth and capabilities.”

He pointed out that the martyr leader moved with a Qur’anic project and took practical steps in light of that project, starting with launching a slogan and chanting acquittal against America and Israel, as a cry in the face of the arrogant people and in clear terms, “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, curse on the Jews, victory for Islam.”

The scream broke the silence:
The leader of the revolution explained that “the cry against the arrogant people came to break the silence and move people from a state of submission to a position, protect them from submission and loyalty to their enemies, elevate them psychologically and mentally, and prepare them for greater positions imposed on them by their religion and their affiliation to Islam and the Qur’an, in addition to chanting the slogan boycotting American and Israeli goods because of their great importance in the economic confrontation, given the benefits that the enemies benefit from their goods that invade the markets of Arab and Islamic countries, and from which they reap billions of dollars that they use to attack our nation and our peoples.

He stated that this was accompanied by spreading Qur’anic awareness, exposing American, Israeli and Western conspiracies, protecting the Islamic community from deception and misleading, and providing practical Qur’anic solutions that elevate the nation to the level of confronting its enemies and standing in the face of their conspiracies.

He pointed out that the prevailing position of most Arab and other regimes and governments in the Islamic world in the face of that attack was surrender and enlistment with America and acceptance of what it imposes in all fields, and the lack of counter-movement and opposition to the American, Israeli and Western attack, which at that time coincided with the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, which the Arabs were responding to with what they called peace initiatives, which were surrender in every sense of the word.”

The leader of the revolution pointed out that the trends and policies adopted by governments and regimes were represented by submission to America and opening the way for it to tighten its control over the peoples of the nation, militarily through the rules and control of the armies, and economically by adhering to America’s dictates to plunder the people’s wealth and obstruct any economic renaissance, and any serious trend towards production, and in security to impose the Takfirists over the people, spreading crimes and fueling strife, and politically by investing in political problems, creating a crisis reality, fragmenting society, and fueling conflicts under all headings in a way that prevents any political stability. .

He added, "The American control, culturally and intellectually, was by targeting the nation to mislead it, falsify its awareness, and obliterate its identity through their control over the curricula, the entire educational process, the educational process in all its stages, and the administrative and educational staff, and control of religious discourse, mosques, media and various educational activities with the aim of occupying thought and complete control over man, his thinking, convictions and orientations, and morally through their fierce war on values and their fierce targeting of chastity and honor and their spread of vice, moral corruption, crimes and everything that helps in this with the aim of dismantling social structures, the first building block of which is the family and spreading AIDS and deadly diseases. "

He pointed out that controlling the judiciary was by emptying it of its primary role in achieving justice and turning it into one of America’s tools, as well as turning the security services and prisons into a tool of oppression in the hands of America. Stressing that all of the above was America's program that it moved in our country and monopolized in the Islamic arena in general.

The Qur’anic project in the face of the American attack:
The leader of the revolution explained that “the American attack is absolute evil in every sense of the word, and it did not bring any good to our people nor any interest to our nation.” Pointing out that the policy of regimes and rulers was to enable the American attack rather than hinder it.

He pointed out that the martyr leader moved with the Qur’anic project to confront the American-Israeli-Jewish attack, and that move was necessary in every sense of the word.

He pointed out that the martyr leader took steps that exposed the headlines that the Americans and their agents were raising, such as freedom and democracy. He pointed out that those steps protected society from enemy penetration because they wanted to gain the loyalty of society.

Mr. Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the practical steps taken by the martyr leader were simple, uncomplicated, and available to the people... indicating that the slogan exposed the Americans and their agents, so they could not bear five words, despite the freedom of expression they praised.

The authenticity of the Qur’anic project:
The leader of the revolution pointed out that the Qur’anic project did not have any external agenda, but rather it was an authentic movement based on the authenticity of our Yemeni people’s affiliation to faith and faith identity. The Qur’anic movement was not directed against any of the nation’s sons, and it was clear who the enemy was, America, Israel, and the Jewish lobby, and who was moving in its orbit.

Sayyed. Leader stated that this project stems from the Holy Qur’an, which all Muslims believe in, is based on the principles of Islam, and adopts the issues of this nation, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue.

The Jewish lobby is an evil octopus:
The leader of the revolution stated that the Americans and the British are the arms of the octopus of evil, injustice and tyranny, the Jewish lobby that carries the banner of Satan, and the arms of this lobby move through practical projects and not momentary and ordinary positions, as the nation has been targeted for centuries by its enemies.

He pointed out that the Jewish lobby was able to control Western societies, with America at the forefront, to employ its capabilities and capabilities to serve it. It also tended to implant “Israel” in the side of the Islamic nation as a dangerous and bad enemy with great goals.

He pointed out that confronting the Jewish-Zionist lobby and its arms is not just a momentary situation, and there must be an ongoing practical project that builds the nation.

The distinctiveness of the Yemeni position:
The leader of the revolution asked, “Where is the position of the peoples of our Islamic nation in the Arab world and elsewhere, who are hundreds of millions, regarding what is happening today in Palestine?”

He said, "Our Yemeni people, although they suffered from aggression and a siege that lasted for nine years and did not end until today, took a distinguished stance and took comprehensive action."

He pointed out that our dear people were not terrified of America, as is the case with many countries and regimes who were afraid of America and its threats, and their fear reached the point of not having any honorable position, but rather weak positions that do not rise to the level of responsibility towards the tragedy in Gaza.

He pointed out that the prevailing situation in our country among men and women is a state of high awareness and real interaction with the events with all their consciences and feelings... stressing that the living conscience of our people and these sublime human feelings and faith refuse to watch the tragedy of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

He stated that the position of some of the major Arab regimes did not reach the level of explicit and clear condemnation of what Israel is doing, stressing that the qualitative shift for the Yemeni people is based on trust and reliance on God and reassurance in the divine promise.

He said, "We are in the battle of the 'promised conquest and the holy jihad', ready for sacrifice and confident of victory and the promise of God Almighty. Our people do not accept America being dominated, controlled and dominated by it as it has done for decades."

The cry is a liberal position:
Sayyed. Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi said, "We are free in the face of the evil trio, and the cry has been chanted by millions and its echo has reached various parts of the world, with liberal stances, pride and dignity for this people, and consistent with their identity and faith affiliation."

He pointed out that the cry that used to imprison or kill those who chanted it, is shouted today when launching ballistic and winged missiles, in marches, on top of American Abrams tanks, and in the fields of sacrifice, honor, and redemption, and everyone knows today what this liberation project means.

Yemen's position disturbed the Jewish lobby:
Sayyed. Commander said, “For the first time, the Red Sea and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab have become at this level of effectiveness and pressure on the enemies.” Pointing out that the influence of our country’s position and the Jewish lobby’s annoyance at its effectiveness is what led the Americans and the British to get involved in a war against our country.

He added, "If the option of treason and treason were to dominate our country, would there be a situation like ours in the Red Sea?" stressing that the Qur'anic project completely failed the American program in Yemen despite it reaching extremely dangerous levels.

He stated that the Qur’anic project is now competing with the Americans on the global stage with honorable positions and correct directions, and that the dear Muslim Yemeni people today stand in a distinguished position and support the oppressed Palestinian people with effectiveness and comprehensive action.

Yemen in the face of the evil trio:
The leader of the revolution pointed out that the Yemeni people stand in the face of the evil trio of America, “Israel” and Britain with all boldness, courage and steadfastness, based on their belonging and Quranic culture, and offer martyrs, achieve victories, and strike enemies with all boldness.

He said, “At dawn today, there were strikes on American and British ships with all boldness, and our people do not hesitate to do what they must do.” He stressed that the fruit of the Qur’anic initiative and its results are tangible and clear in true liberation, pride, dignity, independence, and effectiveness.

On this anniversary, Sayyed. Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi affirmed, “We are steadfast in our principled Qur’anic position in supporting the Palestinian people and confronting the aggression against our country, and whatever the evil trio does, it will not affect our position and will not limit our capabilities and operations, God willing, and will not break the will of our people.”

He revealed that the Americans began to evade at sea and resort to camouflage, just as the Israelis do at sea, and put the “Marshall” flag on some of their ships, which is a country at the end of the world.

He warned the Americans and Zionists that "they must stop their aggression against Gaza and stop their siege of the Palestinian people, from which they deny food and medicine. Otherwise, we will seek to escalate more and more."

The Leader of the Revolution affirmed that the Yemeni people will continue all their activities within the framework of their rightful and honorable position on military and general mobilization, pointing out that activity in the field of mobilization is one of the most important activities, demonstrations and events, and among the most important activities is awareness-raising and spreading Quranic culture.


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