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  Revolution Leader
Speech by Al-Sayyid Abdul Malik Badruddin Al-Houthi, (May Allah Protect Him)  on the Occasion of the First Friday of Rajab
Speech by Al-Sayyid Abdul Malik Badruddin Al-Houthi, (May Allah Protect Him) on the Occasion of the First Friday of Rajab
Speech by Al-Sayyid Abdul Malik Badruddin Al-Houthi, (May Allah Protect Him) on the Occasion of the First Friday of Rajab

SANA'A January 11. 2024 (Saba) - Speech by Al-Sayyid Abdul Malik Badruddin Al-Houthi, (May Allah Protect Him)
on the Occasion of the First Friday of Rajab

I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan, the outcast.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I believe that there is no god but Allah, the Sovereign and the Manifest Truth, and that Muhammad, our master, is His servant, Messenger, and Last Prophet.

O Allah, confer Your salat and blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad as You conferred Your salat and blessings upon Ibrahim and the Family of Ibrahim. You are Owner of Praise, Owner of Glory! And be pleased with Muhammad's good companions and all Your righteous servants and mujahidin.

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

Tomorrow, Friday, is the first day of the month of Rajab, and it marks a great and significant occasion for our dear Muslim Yemeni people. It is considered one of the most important, sacred, noble, and greatest milestones in the history of our dear people, regarding their affiliation to faith and embrace of Islam. On this day, a large number of our dear people embraced Islam after Imam Ali, the Commander of the Believers (PBUH), read to them the message of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F) in a grand gathering in Sana'a, calling them to Islam. They willingly embraced it, and it spread to many regions. That is why this blessed day is considered one of the most important historical milestones for our dear people.

On this occasion, we extend our congratulations and compliments to our dear people, as it is an extremely important occasion, a great and immense blessing, and a great honour and favour from Allah (Glory be to Him). It is a tremendous divine providence for this esteemed nation.

Many are the occasions that are related to our dear people's affiliation to Islam, starting in the Makkai period, where great individuals from Yemen were among the early converts to Islam. Ammar ibn Yasir (May Allah be pleased with him), Al-Miqdad, and others were among the early converts to Islam during the early days of the call of the Prophet (PBUH&F) and his conveying of the Divine Message. Then came the Aws and Khazraj tribes, who embraced Islam, provided shelter, and supported Islam. Then Islam spread in Yemen in multiple stages.

Celebrating this blessed occasion is an expression of gratitude to Allah (Glory be to Him) and an appreciation and acknowledgment of His blessings. It is an immensely great blessing, and that is why Allah (Glory be to Him) says, {'Rather, it is Allah Who has done you a favour by guiding you to the faith'}[Al-Hujurat 49:17]. It is the greatest of all blessings ever. Allah (Glory be to Him) also says, {'Say [Prophet], " In the grace of Allah and in His mercyin that let them rejoice; it is better than what they hoard"'}[Yunus 10:58]. This is a blessing that surpasses any material blessings, however great they might be. Whatever the wealth, treasures, or worldly things a person may accumulate, all of that is nothing compared to this great and immense blessing. It is a blessing that leads to immense success in the Hereafter and to great honour, dignity, and goodness in this world. One aspect of celebrating this blessing is to express gratitude to Allah (Glory be to Him) through speaking about this blessing and engaging in supplications and adhkar that express praise and gratitude to Allah, glorify Him (the Almighty), and acknowledge this great blessing.

Another important aspect related to this occasion is to express pride in a page from the noblest pages of our dear people's history. It is an extremely significant page that reflects a great role and a major turning point that is of utmost importance in the history of our dear people towards the right and great direction of Islam, with all the significance, sanctity, and greatness that Islam holds to us. Hence,holding in high regard that glorious history and that page, which is among the most exemplary pages of history, is crucial.

Additionally, one of the most important aspects related to this occasion is working to solidify and strengthen the faith-based identity and affiliation of our dear people, for it requires educational, cultural, and awareness-raising activities, as well as practical attention. This matter is known to all of us: Humans need attention at the educational and awareness-raising levels, as well as practical commitment, to enhance their spiritual growth. It is also essential for the upbringing of the growing generation, protecting it, and safeguarding it from the deviants and distorters who target its faith-based affiliation, as well as from soft power that targets Muslims today in various regions in their awareness, culture, thoughts, morals, values, orientations, stances, and all aspects of their lives, even in their attire, customs, and traditions. This comprehensive and unprecedented targeting is carried out through unprecedented means. Therefore, concerning this occasion and throughout the month of Rajab, it is important to pay attention to this very important aspect through educational and cultural activities.

When we speak about this blessed occasion that draws our attention to that important stage of our dear people's affiliation with Islam, it is very important to understand the merits of our people's faith, such merits that reach a point where the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F) said in that hadith well known among the Ummah, 'The belief is that of the Yemenites, and sagacity is that of the Yemenites.' This is a great and very important expression: 'The belief is that of the Yemenites.' It indicates the deep-rootedness of our people's faith-based belonging, the authenticity of their faith, and the steadfastness of their faith.

Moreover, there are important merits to this faith-based belonging. We will briefly speak about some of them. The first merit is marked by embracing Islam with eagerness and great harmony. In contrast, there were Arab tribes and certain regions that engaged in direct wars against the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F) and Islam, and their stance towards Islam, towards the Messenger, towards the Divine Message, was extremely negative and hostile, as was the case with the Quraysh and the society of Makkah. Most of them turned towards disbelief, denial, propagandistic warfare, and attempted assassination of the Messenger over a period of thirteen years. And after the Prophet's migration to Madinah, they entered into fierce wars and military skirmishes with him. There were major battles and significant events, starting with the Battle of Badr. Those battles that continued to frequently take place until the conquest of Makkah were accompanied by military clashes, intense propagandistic warfare, and economic warfare. There were other tribes that held a similar hostile position, a position of hostility, aggression, negativity, and resistance against the path of Allah and Islam.

[How different this is from] the stance of the Yemeni people, whether those who early converted to Islam in the Makki period or the Aws and Khazraj tribes who voluntarily embraced Islam and provided protection and shelter—they embraced Islam with eagerness and great harmony. This was also the case in Yemen, in the Yemeni regions: When the Commander of the Believers (PBUH) came to Sana'a and also visited Ma'dhaj, people in all areas collectively embraced Islam with eagerness and harmony. The same went true with Mu'adh ibn Jabal in certain provinces and areas, and likewise with others whom the Messenger (PBUH&F) sent, not to mention the delegations that came from certain regions and tribes to the Prophet (PBUH&F) and turned into Muslims before returning home and leading their tribes and surroundings to embrace Islam.

So the common thing among Yemenis regarding their adoption of Islam was that they embraced Islam voluntarily, without wars or problems, driven by eagerness and inherent harmony with Islam. This indicates their inherent harmony with the values and principles of Islam. They did not go so far in deviation as others who held a hostile stance against Islam. It is true that there were limited cases of opposition to Islam, resistance to Islam, and confrontation with Islam and some limited instances of apostasy, but the general and popular stance was embracing Islam with eagerness, harmony, and comfort for its inherent values that align with the natural disposition upon which Allah created mankind. This indicates the values and morals that Yemenis possessed, which were in harmony with their natural disposition; therefore, they found themselves aligned with Islam and inclined towards it gladly through unforced inclination combined with immense attraction. They entered Islam in large groups, composed of thousands of individuals. In a single day, thousands of Yemenis would embrace Islam and convert to it. And their affiliation with Islam and their faith was distinct, as they showed eagerness for jihad in the cause of Allah. It began with the Aws and Khazraj, who had the honour of hosting and supporting the Prophet (PBUH&F) and participating in jihad in the cause of Allah. They excelled in their commitment to jihad, with their honourable and faith-driven stances, their sacrifices in the path of Allah, and their generosity reaching such a level that Allah praised by saying, {'They give [the emigrants] preference over themselves even though they may be in need'}[Al-Hashr 59:9]. This reflects their exceptional spiritual state, expressing highly noble values, profound awareness, sincere and firm faith, and earnest and genuine devotion, as well as generosity, courage, and altruism.

Among them were those who were highly exemplary in their faith, such as Ammar ibn Yasir, whom the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F) described as a man 'filled with faith from the top of his head to the soles of his feet'. He played a prominent role in the history of Islam and in jihad in cause of Allah until he attained martyrdom. There were also Maqdad, Al-Ashthar, and many other well-known, significant figures who had a tremendous and distinctive role and influential, great, and honourable presence in Islamic history.

At the level of contribution, their affiliation to Islam was the kind of affiliation marked by great stances, jihad, sacrifice, and significant contributions in achieving major achievements in relation to spreading Islam, confronting its enemies, and making great conquests. Thus, the contribution was significant and important, with the foremost being the contribution of the Aws and Khazraj, whom Allah called 'the Ansar', which is a name He (the Almighty) bestowed upon them and represents a great and very tremendous badge of honour.

Another thing to consider is their characteristic of preserving values and continuing to uphold them, passing them down from fathers to sons, generation after generation. This faith that is distinguished with its firmness, perfection, and the sincere direction of its adherents in responding to Allah (Glory be to Him) is in contrast with deficient affiliation and claim, which is the faith of the desert Arabs, as Allah (Glory be to Him) stated in the Holy Quran, {'The desert Arabs say, ''We believe.'' Say, ''You have not believed; but say, "We have become Muslims"'}[Al-Hujurat 49:14]—barely have you entered Islam and abandoned polytheism; you have abandoned the state of polytheism, but you have not yet elevated to the level of faith. {'Say, "You have not believed; but say, "We have become Muslims," for faith has not yet entered your hearts. But if you obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not belittle anything of your deeds. Indeed, Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Only those are believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and have never since doubted"'}[Al-Hujurat 49:14-15]—they embarked on their faith with understanding, certainty, heightened awareness, penetrating insight, and unwavering conviction. Therefore, they did not doubt regardless of the doubts, misrepresentation of the truth, and attempts to confuse their firm faith convictions: {'Only those are believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and have never since doubted, but have striven with their belongings and their persons in the cause of Allah: Such are the sincere ones'}[Al-Hujurat 49:15].

When we contemplate and compare {'You have not believed'}—in regards to the affiliation and claim of the desert Arabs—with 'The belief is that of the Yemenites,' we find an extremely significant difference, because this belief that is based on certainty, awareness, and insight, as well as on jihad, sacrifice, and devotion, has become evident in the journey of the Yemeni believers. So The contrast between 'The belief is that of the Yemenites' and {'You have not believed'} is substantial and holds an important lesson and profound message.

This also involves preserving this faith affiliation in its great emancipating, ethical, and civilizational roots throughout history. And in the end times, there is hope from all the sons of the Ummah across different sects—they have narrations—about a distinctive role that Yemenis in the end times will play in supporting Islam, in facing the enemies of the Ummah, in seeking to establish truth and eradicate falsehood, in adhering to Islam, and in carrying the flag of Islam and the flag of jihad in the cause of Allah (Glory be to Him). This is a well-known thing.

In the end times, as mentioned by Allah (the Almighty) in the Holy Quran in Surah Al-Ma'idah, the Ummah faces a great test that thoroughly sorts it out in its reality, its belonging, and the credibility of its affiliation with faith. The grave state in the end times, as described in the blessed verses of Surah Al-Ma'idah (which are clear and evident verses), illustrates the magnitude of the significant test for the Ummah and the fall of many people in that test. The title [of this test] is a state of apostasy from the principles of religion and its values within the Ummah, reflecting an extension in allegiance to the Jews and the Christians. Within the framework of that allegiance to Jews and Christians, there occurs a state of apostasy from principles and values that are among the most important principles of religion and its values. This encompasses many individuals from the Ummah. This is why Allah said in the Holy Quran: {'O believers! Whoever among you abandons their religion, Allah will replace them with others who are loved by Him and love Him. They will be humble with the believers but firm towards the disbelievers, and they fight in the cause of Allah, fearing no blame from anyone. This is the favour of Allah. He grants it to whoever He wills. And Allah is All-Bountiful, All-Knowing'}[Al-Ma'idah 5:54].

It is apostasy in its broader context that involves deviation, for apostasy is of two types. The first is a complete departure from the realm of Islam. Some individuals revert to such a level of apostasy where they openly declare their complete departure from Islam. This is a state of appalling disbelief. It is an extremely serious state (May Allah forbid) and indicates one's being forsaken by Allah to a great extent. Some reach such a state: open declaration of their complete departure from Islam, denial of Islam, and complete disbelief in it.

However, what this blessed verse primarily focuses on is apostasy in its broader aspect, which is spreading within the Ummah. It is the apostasy from important principles of religion and fundamental values of Islam. That is why the comparison is mentioned in this blessed verse: {'Allah will replace them with others who are loved by Him and love Him. They will be humble with the believers but firm towards the disbelievers, and they fight in the cause of Allah, fearing no blame from anyone.'}

If the focus of the verse was solely on apostasy in the sense of departing from the realm of Islam, then He would have said in the comparison 'Allah will bring forth a people who submit as Muslims and testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.' However, since the matter revolves around important principles and fundamental values of Islam, from which some people deviate within the framework of their allegiance to the Jews and their Christian allies, the verse makes a comparison between this apostasy and these same principles and values: {'Allah will replace them with others who are loved by Him and love Him. They will be humble with the believers but firm towards the disbelievers, and they fight in the cause of Allah, fearing no blame from anyone.'} And it is hoped for the believers among the sons of our dear people who move based on these principles and values, along with other righteous individuals in the Ummah, from Muslims all over the Islamic world, that they will have a prominent and distinguished role in the end times, within the framework of these principles, values, and great and significant aspects, which represent what preserves Islam, the true divine religion, in its authentic form. They [such values and principles] also serve as the link that connects the Ummah to its sacred past, to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F), to the true Islam, and to the legacy of the prophets and messengers through adhering to the Holy Quran and the true path of Allah and moving forward in accordance with His teachings and blessed guidance.

This is a great honour: While some individuals from within the Ummah become inclined to deviate from these principles by showing allegiance to their enemies and the enemies of the entire Ummah and by obeying them—though the Quran has warned against obeying them, stating, {'O believers! If you were to yield to a group of those who were given the Scripture, they would turn you back from belief to disbelief'}[Ali 'Imran 3:100]—and while some individuals within the Ummah dedicate themselves and all their capabilities (including military, financial, and media capabilities) to serve the Jews and get others to serve the Jews (by willingly aligning themselves with others in service of the Jews (as if it is not enough for them to have willingly offered themselves to the Jews, harnessing their capabilities for their benefit), the steadfast individuals within the Ummah who are sincere in their affiliation with faith, move towards what is honourable, virtuous, and good. The alternative to this is subjugating yourself to your enemy, who does not wish you well and does not love you, as Allah said, {'Here you are! You love them but they do not love you'}[Ali 'Imran 3:119]. The alternative means sacrificing yourself for your enemy, who does not love you, who belittles you, exploits you, and humiliates you. This can make you end up a loser in the sight of Allah (the Almighty) in this life and the Hereafter, for Allah warns them in the blessed verses of Surah Al-Ma'idah, prior to this blessed verse, that they will become losers and regretful. Those who strive in the cause of Allah are the winners, not the losers. They offer what should be offered wherever it should be offered: in what brings them honour, goodness, excellence, and a good outcome with Allah, both in this world and the Hereafter, as well as what is befitting for a human being of natural disposition and with an upright soul and character.

Therefore, the anticipated role of our dear people within the framework of these Quranic principles in the end times is a great and honourable role, as Allah (Glory be to Him) said, {'This is the favour of Allah. He grants it to whoever He wills. And Allah is All-Bountiful, All-Knowing.'} Those principles and values are constants upon which faith is built. They also serve as criteria for genuine and conscious faith, as well as a steadfast journey of allegiance to the truth with sincerity and dedication. Indeed, our dear people have a great responsibility in their religious affiliation, as the Prophet (PBUH&F) said, 'The belief is that of the Yemenites.' In fact, this is a great honour and a tremendous virtue. However, there is a responsibility to preserve this faith, to strengthen it, to embody its values, and to raise the coming generation upon it so that they may inherit this great honour and be raised on this faith-based authenticity and its distinctive merits and roots:

  • —it emancipates us from slavery to anyone other than Allah (the Almighty), making us the slaves of no one other than Him. It also emancipates us from subordination to our enemies so we move forward with authenticity in our affiliation with faith—the authenticity of thought, the authenticity of divine guidance, and the authenticity of values, ethics, and positions—far from subordination to the enemies.
  • , as it builds this life based on the guidance and instructions of Allah (Glory be to Him).
Within the framework of the faith-based affiliation, there also comes the responsibility of having a stance of faith, adhering to it, and holding fast to it. The Ummah, as we mentioned, encounters a great test in this era. The test comes within the context of significant events, challenges, and risks facing the Ummah from its enemies, primarily the Zionist Jewish lobby, which is the main enemy of our Islamic Ummah, as Allah (the Almighty) said in the Holy Quran, {'You will surely find the most bitter towards the believers to be the Jews'}—the Jews are the primary enemy, followed by—{'and those who associate others with Allah'}[Al-Ma'idah 5:82].

In this era, the one that is taking the lead in mobilizing enmity against our Islamic Ummah and what is good for humanity as a whole is the Zionist Jewish lobby. Its enmity is all-encompassing. It is enmity towards our Ummah in its religion and worldly affairs. This comprehensive enmity is manifested in what the Zionist Jews are doing in Palestine against the dear oppressed Muslim Palestinian people.

Therefore, targeting the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as one of the greatest sanctities of Muslims, comes in the context of their enmity towards this Ummah in its religion, its Islamic and faith-based affiliation: its affiliation to the message of Allah, the Almighty. The witnessed criminal and malicious practices of the Zionist Jews as they enter the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, violate its sanctity, and assault the worshippers, both men and women, sometimes even during prayers and while they are reciting the Quran or studying the Book of Allah—all of these practices are filled with hatred, animosity, and aggression. Their plan for demolishing the Al-Aqsa Mosque—a plan they openly declare and express— illustrates their enmity towards this Ummah in its faith.

The same applies to their practices towards the Holy Quran, which have been repeated and have occurred frequently in Palestine, including burning copies of the Quran, destroying and burning mosques along with the copies of the Quran they contain, and even directly burning the copies of the Quran themselves. Additionally, they engage in insulting the Prophet (PBUH&F) in their writings, statements, and slogans. These are significant and heinous insults, occurring repeatedly and in various forms, in their books, their articles, and so on.

Their intense hostility towards the Palestinian Muslim, due to his Islam and due to enmity towards Islam as well, is evident in many practices and dealings. They are enemies not only of the Palestinian people but also of all Muslims and bear the same complex of animosity and hatred, which can be seen even through their practices of committing the most horrendous crimes against the Palestinian people, their ruthless killing of children in a terrible manner, with utter disregard, audacity, and spite, their targeting of women, adults, and children, and their excellence in committing crimes against the Palestinian people.

They bear the same level of hatred and animosity towards every Muslim. And if they were able to do so with Muslims in every country across the Islamic world, they would never hesitate. It is a state of extreme animosity and hostility towards all Muslims.

And they do not even love those who love them and show allegiance to them from among those who belong to Islam. Even though they love them, seek their favour, serve them, and provide them with money, they still hold such people in contempt and hatred. They have no qualms about exploiting such people to the utmost extent. Allah said about them, {'Here you are! You love them but they do not love you'}[Ali 'Imran 3:119]. We all know how Trump responded to what the Saudi regime provided him with in terms of hundreds of billions of dollars (450 billion dollars) in a single deal. It was an unprecedented amount in American history in a single deal. Yet, he called them 'the milking cow'. That is the American way of honouring: They do not respect anyone, no matter what they do for them, no matter what they offer them, and no matter what efforts they make for them. They have killed many of their proxies after they had no use for them; they rewarded them with murder and getting rid of them or casting them aside. They abandoned even leaders of countries in the end when they no longer needed them.

Therefore, their hatred is intense, their animosity is severe, and their criminal practices are extremely heinous. They revel in bloodshed and are devoid of any human emotions. They have no regard for human lives. What matters to them is the opportunity to kill the sons of our Islamic Ummah, and they do not hesitate to kill them in thousands, to kill children with audacity and insolence, and to boast about it and take pride in it.

This is happening these days, in their heinous crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza. For seventy-five years and more, they have been excelling in committing the most atrocious crimes against the Palestinian people throughout Palestine. They are still engaged in daily crimes in the West Bank: the daily killing of Palestinian people in the West Bank itself, arrests accompanied by beatings, injustice, and persecution on a daily basis, as well as subjecting those prisoners to prisons in a manner characterized by great injustice and extremely harsh treatment. As for what they are doing in Gaza, it has provoked outcry from various peoples across the world. These are extremely terrible, heinous, and horrifying crimes that reach the most horrifying state one can imagine. Daily killings occur in large numbers, targeting children and women. They kill the Palestinian people in Gaza in their own homes using explosive belts, aiming for the complete destruction of entire neighborhoods with children and women inside. These acts are defined as acts of genocide.

This is the Jewish animosity that is mentioned in the Holy Quran: their excessiveness in shedding blood, lack of respect for human life, considering no sanctity or value for human beings. They bear hatred towards everyone who is not of them. And if a person happens to be a Muslim, their hatred intensifies, and their animosity and enmity become even stronger.

Their crimes are varied such as the crime of genocide they commit against people in their homes and elsewhere, and there are horrifying videos that circulate worldwide, showing them cold-bloodedly killing people in the streets and targeting unarmed individuals with utter audacity, hostility, brutality, and criminality. They target even premature babies and infants, as well as women. Most of the martyrs in Palestine are children and women. The West is no longer interested in the rights of children and women because they are Muslim Palestinians and part of a just cause. It only advocates for these rights when they are outside the context of a just cause and have nothing to do with a just cause or repelling oppression. When the issue is one of moral corruption, crimes, and a disregard for morals and values, the West starts speaking of freedom and rights. However, when it comes to the genuine rights of people—their right to life, their right to justice, their right to live with dignity, their right to independence, the kind of rights that are legitimate, great, sacred, and inherent rights—the West entirely disregards this. The Americans disregard it, the British disregard it, the French disregard it, the Germans disregard it, the Italians disregard it. Their stance on what is happening in Gaza is disgraceful, a major scandal for them, a recurring scandal, and not the beginning. How many events have exposed them in the past? But the Arab memory is weak, always in need of recurring events to awaken and remember, only to soon forget. This is exceedingly regrettable.


We can also see the aggression of the Ummah's enemy (the Zionist Jewish lobby) against the Palestinian people, the extremely heinous crimes being committed against the Palestinian people in Gaza these days, and its persistence in continuing. We are today in the ninety-seventh day of this escalation initiated by the enemy; as for the oppression, it has been going on for decades, more than seventy-five years, with the crimes of daily killings, arrests, imprisonment, abductions, house demolitions, uprooting of olive trees, land confiscation, beatings, and persecution. All forms of injustice have been endured for long decades. This is an important point because the Zionist Jews are trying to present [the matter] as if the events started on October 7th, as if that was the beginning of the events, to place the responsibility for that on the mujahidin of Al-Qassam Brigades and blame Hamas, while [the fact is that ] the Palestinian people have been oppressed for over seventy-five years in all forms of injustice: the occupation of their land; violating their sovereignty; killing them; assaulting them through usurping their land, destroying their homes, looting and seizing cities and villages; abducting them, and throwing them in prisons. One can see all forms of injustice torture, targeting of holy sites, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and so on. The Palestinian people are suffering all forms of injustice that give them the right in all considerations—legal, divine, and human considerations—to fight and confront in order to repel injustice, regain complete freedom and full independence, and liberate their homeland from the occupation of those criminal Zionist Jews.

The enormity of those crimes and this clear oppression committed against the Palestinian people—not to mention the persistence of the Israeli enemy in continuing to commit such crimes, which result in the martyrdom of many people on a daily basis including women and children, young and elderly people, and in using extreme starvation and blockade—demands a moral, humanitarian, and faith-based responsibility from our entire Islamic Ummah, before anyone else in the world. It is the humanitarian responsibility of all people, all humans, and all countries to take action to stop this injustice, this terrible atrocity committed by the Zionist Jews against the Palestinian people, and the ongoing daily massacre against the Palestinian people, including women and children. However, there is a religious, moral, and faith-based responsibility on our Islamic Ummah, in all aspects, to stand at the forefront and lead the global movement to prevent the continuation of these crimes and to prevent the ongoing blockade and aggression against the people of Palestine in Gaza.

From this perspective, our dear people have comprehensively moved with all that within their power: through demonstrations and marches, the like of which has never been seen in any other country, and through military action by targeting the Zionist enemy with rockets and drones, by preventing Israeli-linked ships from crossing the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait, and by targeting them and preventing their access to the Arabian Sea. These seas are within reach of our people to take action, and at any level our people can reach with their capabilities and means, they will not hesitate to act upon it. As Yemeni people, our ceiling is high within the framework of this great and sacred stance, which is driven by faith, by our allegiance to faith, and in response to our moral, religious, and faith-based responsibility.

And our dear people are mobilizing at all levels, including at the level of extensive military mobilization activities that have reached most provinces, with thousands of individuals joining—this is a very important trajectory. This also includes other activities at various levels, such as financial donations and media activities within the media front, driven by a faithful, conscious, and responsible motive. Mobilization is happening at all possible levels and is kept constantly active, because the major affliction on our Ummah, especially in Arab countries, is apathy, a very significant affliction. At the beginning of the events, some people reacted and expressed their sympathy with the Palestinian people, showing their interaction either through social media platforms or through demonstrations and marches, and some even engaged in boycotting American and Israeli goods, which is an extremely important matter. However, as days go by, they become desensitized and accustomed to what they hear about the tragedies and events there, and it becomes a repetitive and familiar image in their minds. To become enthusiastic and reactive again, they need a tragedy greater than the one they witnessed—so what is that greater tragedy we are waiting for to happen?! Then they lose interest, and their interaction decreases because it was merely an emotional state and limited emotional interaction driven by conscience. It doesn't take long for this interaction to fade away because it is not driven by having a sense of responsibility before Allah, a sense of religious and spiritual responsibility, and it lacks the depth of human, faith-based, and moral conscience that can support continuity. This is a very dangerous negative state.

Our dear people took to the streets in massive demonstrations and marches, with a tremendous turnout in the Sabaeen Square and in the provinces. The turnout in the provinces was also very significant and it continued. After the American crime of attacking the mujahidin of the Navy forces in the Red Sea, the interaction and participation increased. Last Friday's turnout was even greater than before. This escalating level of mobilization, interaction, and continuity is extremely important. It is an example of sincere faith-based belonging, awareness, and a deep and strong state of human and moral conscience: It is not a weak state that fades away quickly; rather, it is firmly rooted and strong, expressing the vigilance of conscience. It is the state of faith because faith is based on principles and values and purifies souls, reviving consciences to be alive and vigilant and raising the level of emotional interaction in humans. This guarantees that interaction does not turn into a passing and trivial state that quickly loses interest because long time has passed or because the days have continued with events, causing humans to become accustomed to that level and their reaction to cool down.

We see also the Zionist enemy's persistence in continuing its crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza, with such levels of killing, destruction, siege, and starvation, and the insistence of the Americans who daily say that they oppos a ceasefire, which means that they insist on the continuation of these atrocities. They insist on the continuation of the massacre for which they provide shells, bombs, and financial support and in which they play a supervisory role and direct its execution—they also provide regional and international protection for it. The whole world (countries, governments, nations) calls for an end to this terrible aggression, which is a stain on humanity and should not continue against the people of Gaza, the Palestinian people in Gaza. The Americans shamelessly express and declare their opposition to a ceasefire. They want the firing to continue targeting children, killing women, and using bombs, shells, and fire belts—using all means of killing and destruction against civilians and the defenceless in the Palestinian people. It is astonishing audacity and brazenness in endorsing Zionist crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people. The British are also complicit. Although they may not have the same capabilities as the Americans, they share the same level of animosity, aggression, and conspiracy alongside the Americans. They are all arms of Zionism, all of them!

The Americans, the British, and the Israelis, all of them are arms of Jewish Zionism worldwide. They are the first to act in its service and the ones who move to execute its conspiracies. The Americans are an arm, along with the Israeli and the British, of the Zionist octopus that conspires against the whole world and inflicts great suffering on the Palestinian people through its injustice and crimes.

Don't we get provoked by the persistence of the Israelis, the Americans, and the British in using all forms of killing and destruction to kill children, women, civilians, and the defenceless? The Americans insist on that and provides bombs to kill the Palestinian people, and so does the British. The Israeli executes. Doesn't that provoke us?! Doesn't that increase our determination, our insistence on our rightful stance, our steadfastness, and our readiness to escalate? Doesn't that provoke our Islamic nations and our Islamic world in Arab and other countries when they see this daily continuation of atrocities and the insistence expressed by the Americans, British, and Israelis in their press conferences, speeches, and various occasions?

As a Muslim ummah, we have a responsibility to take action, remain active, and seek to escalate our stance. There is a religious and moral responsibility on all nations. The boycott of American and Israeli goods should expand in Gulf countries. I call upon all people in the Gulf: It is within your reach to boycott American and Israeli goods, and you are among the major importers of these goods because of your regimes that import such goods. Boycott them, make an effort even through boycotting. Take a stance, even by boycotting. In Egypt, the Egyptian people are among the top countries importing goods from Zionist companies and engaging in business with them. I urge the Egyptian people and remind them of their moral, Islamic, and humanitarian responsibility to boycott American and Israeli goods. Express your support for the Palestinian people through raising your voice in all Islamic nations, in Arab and other countries, and on social media platforms. Expose, condemn, and denounce the American, British, and Israeli stance. Express your opposition and anger. Expose them. Condemn them, and express your anger and opposition towards their crimes. This is the least you can do.

If people reach a level where they do nothing and say nothing, and if entire nations are dominated by silence and complete abstinence from taking any action, whether through boycotts, words, or any means, then this is a dangerous state for a person to fall into. What will they say on the Day of Judgment when they stand before Allah, the Almighty? When they will be asked: 'Where is your jihad? Why did you turn a blind eye to that injustice and ignore what is happening to them when they are part of you?' indeed, they are part of the Ummah. In the context of the oppression they are facing, they are encompassed by the saying of the Messenger (PBUH&F), as they are part of the Ummah: 'Who does not care for the matter of Muslims is not [one] of them, and who hears someone calling Muslims [for help] and does not respond is not a Muslim.' 'Whoever does not care about the affairs of the Muslims is not one of them, and who does not care for the matter of Muslims is not [one] of them, and who hears someone calling Muslims [for help] and does not respond is not a Muslim.' The oppressed in Gaza have been calling out for so long! Their calls are documented. Hear the calls of the children. Hear the calls of the women. For those who do not hear, may Allah deafen their ears. Hear the calls of the Palestinian people's children reminding the Ummah of its responsibility towards them. Open your hearts to them, deal with them with your consciences, and sense your responsibility.

Those who are playing an active role from the sons of the Ummah as part of the axis of resistance and all others who have taken positions or engaged in fronts or activities at an advanced level—this is something important, and we must remain constantly active. The escalation by the Israeli enemy in Lebanon through its recent criminal assassinations and violations of Lebanese sovereignty strengthens the resolve and determination of our brothers in Hezbollah, and it also strengthens their steadfastness and encourages them to escalate and hold fast to their stance, as they base their actions on faith. The same is true for all free people in this Ummah, including the Iraqi people, the mujahidin among them and those from the Popular Mobilization Forces.

The movement of the Ummah's sons should be an active movement. Demonstrations and marches should regain their momentum in countries where they have receded or slowed down, and we should increase our state of continuous mobilization.

In keeping with our dear people's stance, the Yemen of faith, Yemen of wisdom, Yemen of jihad in the cause of Allah (Glory be to Him), and Yemen of the right, faith-based position, we will not hesitate, by the will of Allah, to do everything we can. We will stand up to the American aggression, and no American assault will go without a response. The response will not remain equal in scale to the recent operation that targeted the Americans at sea with more than twenty-four drones and several missiles. The response will be greater than that, much greater! No American assault will go without a response, and we will not be intimidated by the American stance or the British stance, which goes in the same aggressive direction to protect the ships associated with Israel so that the Israelis can continue their crimes without disturbance.

That is because the Yemeni stance of preventing ships linked to Israel from crossing the Red Sea and targeting them has been highly effective and impactful, by the grace of Allah. It has inflicted significant economic losses on the Zionist enemy and affected not only the Zionist enemy but also those who support it openly, provide it with cover for its crimes, and involve themselves in participating in its crimes. It is an active stance, despite the fact that at the beginning, there were some proxies and those serving as the mouthpiece of the Jews within our Arab Ummah, who belittled or tried to ridicule the Yemeni stance and diminish its effectiveness and impact. But when the impact of this stance became evident in a very significant way, they resorted to intimidation. When the American assault took place, they resorted to intimidation. By the grace and favour of Allah, the blessed Yemeni people do not fear America, and we are not the kind of people who keep their stance within some limits that do not anger the Americans. The American assault on the navy was a witness to the impact of our stance, its impact on the Zionist enemy. It is therefore very disturbing for the Zionists, for the Israeli enemy, for the Americans consequently, for the British, and for all those who present themselves as having obligations to serve the Jews due to their affiliation with Zionism. Their annoyance is very severe, but we are greatly content, happy, and pleased with the extent of their annoyance.

The most important thing for the Americans, who involves themselves more and more in what is of no benefit to them, but rather serves Zionism, is to involve others with them. They, along with the British, make every effort to entangle other countries with them in confronting our dear Yemeni people and engaging in a military confrontation with our people. Sometimes, they try to lure the Europeans to involve them in something that is not in their interest and does not concern them. We say to everyone, to the Europeans, to the Asian countries in the East and West, to everyone, to the Asian countries like China and others, to the European countries in the West, to everyone in the world: There is no fear for you passing through the Red Sea. The exclusive targets are only the ships associated with Israel. But whoever wants to get involved, commit aggression against our dear people, and target the naval forces and our dear army, they are indeed risking their navigation and their commercial ships as well. They are risking, at the military level, engaging in a confrontation, and they will be the ones who bear its costs. That is because we are a jihad-embracing people who rely on Allah (Glory be to Him) and stand up to the enemy. Our dear people do not shy away from the field of confrontation, regardless of the nature of the confrontation, whoever the enemy might be, and the capabilities and abilities of that enemy. We are a people who rely on Allah, the All-Powerful, the Almighty, Who is the Most Great and the Magnificent.

Therefore, we advise all countries (Asian, European, Eastern, and Western countries) to not allow the Americans to get them involved in this. Rather, let the Americans entangle themselves, and just watch what will happen to them. And there is no problem if Britain becomes entangled too. The criminal record of the British, their slavery to Zionism, their submission, and their services to it since the beginning, drive them to entangle themselves. So let it entangle itself, no problem. We, by the grace of Allah (the Almighty), have great endurance. Our people have the ability to endure difficulties and remain firm in their positions in the face of major and prolonged confrontations. It is indeed a loser who involves themselves in attacking our people to serve Israel and to perpetuate Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

I also advise all Arab countries, as well as all countries and nations in our Islamic world, to never participate with the Americans in their quest to protect Israeli ships. This is a service of no value, an evil one. Whoever serves Israel to continue its crimes, they share in the crime and commit a despicable, foolish, and evil act. In fact, they are serving a criminal. The worst and biggest criminal in the world is the Israelis. So those who serve them to continue their crimes against the Palestinian people do deny all morals, values, and even their humanity. It is not appropriate for any Arab country to serve Israel and stand with the Zionist enemy to continue its crimes in Gaza.

What the Bahraini regime has done does not represent the Bahraini people. The people of Bahrain are a beloved, oppressed people, a people in revolt who suffered a lot at the hands of the Al Khalifa regime. The Al Khalifa family in Bahrain are slaves to the Zionists and involved in evils and crimes that made them fall into the worst forms of subordination to the Zionist Jews. Their stories and scandals are well-known and have been even discussed by Western entities, exposing them greatly. They do not represent the position of the Bahraini people. The position of the people of Bahrain is an honourable, upright, and great position. They are an oppressed people, and their position towards the Palestinian people is clear. They believe in the just cause of the Palestinian people, despite the oppression and suffering they themselves face.

We hope that the rest of the Arab and Islamic countries will never get involved, and that they leave the Americans, Israelis, and British to get involved. We, by the grace of Allah, are pleased to be in a direct confrontation with the Americans and Israelis, as we mentioned before. No matter how many martyrs we sacrifice, it will not affect us. It will not weaken our stance, diminish our resolve, or reduce our seriousness and steadfastness, since we have already sacrificed thousands of martyrs while facing those who have fought against us from within our own Ummah, from those who belong to our Ummah, from takfiri groups and others who fought on behalf of the Americans. We have sacrificed thousands of martyrs while confronting them and resisting their aggression against us. So if the confrontation is direct with the Americans, British, and Israelis, it is preferable to us. We are ready to do what is necessary and fight with courage because we rely on Allah and not on ourselves. We rely on Allah, the Almighty.

Our stance towards the aggression against the Palestinian people, as Yemeni people, is one of the most important manifestations of the saying of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F): 'The belief is that of the Yemenites.' Those from the naval forces who martyred in 'the Battle of the Promised Victory and the Holy Jihad' while supporting the Al-Aqsa Flood and for the sake of Al-Quds, achieved a great triumph by attaining martyrdom in direct combat, amidst a direct American assault. This strengthens our resolve to continue on this path and target Israel-linked ships. We will not back down from that. Our stance is rooted in faith, and the Americans should understand what that means.

Therefore, I call upon our dear people to continue all their activities within the framework of this stance. This includes mobilization, combat training, participating in demonstrations and marches, engaging in various and diverse activities, and donating money to the extent possible, despite the challenging circumstances. Additionally, it includes media activities within the media front by media activists and adhering to the official stance and the popular stance. There should be no hesitation or wavering.

I also call upon the hesitant ones among the members of our Islamic Ummah to take action. Isn't it time for you to take action? If a person does not take action in the face of such events, in such circumstances, against such clear and blatant oppression, then when will he act? And against whom? The enemies are the Zionist Jews: the enemies of the Ummah in its religion, worldly affairs, and everything else. Their crimes are evident, and the oppression against the Palestinian people is clear. So when will people take action?

Our dear people will continue their movement based on their faith. Tomorrow, on the first Friday of Rajab, our dear people, by the will of Allah and His grace, guided by their honourable past, their radiant history full with jihad and honourable stances, and their authentic and great affiliation to Islam, will take to the streets in an honourable and grand manner. They will march out in millions, without succumbing to apathy or weariness, with a very large presence in the Sabaeen Square in the afternoon of Friday, as well as in other provinces according to the approved arrangements.

Our dear people, this is my hope in you due to your affiliation to faith, your honourable stances, your values, and your morals: Do not be like those who are affected by apathy and weariness, who even fail to attend a demonstration or march while willing to make effort moving here or there—as many people do—for the sake of shopping or unimportant and unnecessary activities. So what about participating in demonstrations that expresses your faith and is part of your jihad? Sine attending those major demonstrations is part of your jihad in the cause of Allah and expresses a significant stance that holds its importance based on the standards of faith—a stance that pleases Allah, raises your head high, and brings you honour in this world and the Hereafter—you should attend with eagerness and full engagement and beware of the state of apathy and weariness.

We ask Allah (Glory be to Him) to grant us success in seeking what pleases Him. O Allah (Glory be to You), have mercy on our martyrs, heal the wounded among us, set free our captives, and grant us victory. You are All-Hearing!

Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.


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