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Supreme Committee for Supporting Al-Aqsa blesses operation carried out by missile force against targets of Zionist enemy
[06 December 2023]
Supreme Committee for Supporting Al-Aqsa blesses issuance of law prohibiting & criminalizing recognition of Zionist enemy entity
[06 December 2023]
Distribution computers to local authority in Hajjah
[06 December 2023]
Meeting chaired by Al-Masawy discusses work progress at local water & sanitation corporation
[06 December 2023]
Abu Lahoum & Al-Sufi lay stone foundation for 134 projects worth two billion & 681 million riyals in Hajjah
[06 December 2023]
Zionist bombing targets several towns in southern Lebanon
[06 December 2023]
Persistent bombing leaves tens of martyrs, injuries in Gaza
[06 December 2023]
Spanish PM: We continually work on recognizing Palestine
[06 December 2023]
Online campaign calls Congress to vote against arms deliveries to Israel
[06 December 2023]
Palestinian resistance continues targeting enemy troops in Gaza
[06 December 2023]
Suspicious role of UAE state in destroying Arabism & Islam
[05 December 2023]
Qualitative successes for executive unit in Sana’a during first quarter of 1445 AH
[03 December 2023]
Water Corporation in Hajjah... Qualitative leap in providing services
[02 December 2023]
Boycott is an essential part of battle with Zionist enemy & is enough to exhaust it economically
[02 December 2023]
Widespread echoes of Yemeni operation to seize Zionist ship in Red Sea
[28 November 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 30
[30 November 2023]
Seven citizens killed & injured by Saudi army fire in Sa'ada
[23 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 23
[23 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 16
[16 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 9
[09 November 2023]
Enemy media: Group of
Enemy media: Group of "hackers" leaks information from Zionist "State Archives website"
Enemy media: Group of "hackers" leaks information from Zionist "State Archives website"

OCCUPIED Al-QUDS November 21. 2023 (Saba) - The Zionist enemy media revealed on Tuesday that a group of hackers had penetrated the servers of a website storage company and leaked information obtained from the Zionist State Archives website.

It reported that the hacker group, called “CyberToufan Operations,” hacked the servers of the website storage company “Signature-IT.”

An examination conducted by the information security company Check Point revealed that the leaked information includes 87,000 phone numbers and names, 85,000 email addresses, and 13,000 notifications sent by users on the “Tzur Kesher” page.

The enemy media indicated that the "State Archives website" is currently unavailable... pointing out that the same group published files containing information about millions of settlers at the end of the week, which it obtained after hacking shopping sites.

The enemy media added: “Cyber Flood operations” expressed “its identification with the Hamas movement.”

This comes in parallel with the Palestinian resistance continuing its confrontation with the Zionist enemy, for the 45th day in a row, amid the enemy’s talk of a catastrophic intelligence failure since the start of the war, on the seventh of last October.


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