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Aggression forces kidnapped displaced woman in Wadi Ubaida in Marib
[06 December 2023]
Sa'ada.. Discussing interventions of General Authority for Roads
[06 December 2023]
Supreme Committee for Supporting Al-Aqsa blesses operation carried out by missile force against targets of Zionist enemy
[06 December 2023]
Supreme Committee for Supporting Al-Aqsa blesses issuance of law prohibiting & criminalizing recognition of Zionist enemy entity
[06 December 2023]
Distribution computers to local authority in Hajjah
[06 December 2023]
PIJ: Khan Younis evacuation warning a continuation of genocide
[06 December 2023]
Major General Salami: Zionist enemy is unable to manage war for long time
[06 December 2023]
Zionist bombing targets several towns in southern Lebanon
[06 December 2023]
Persistent bombing leaves tens of martyrs, injuries in Gaza
[06 December 2023]
Spanish PM: We continually work on recognizing Palestine
[06 December 2023]
Suspicious role of UAE state in destroying Arabism & Islam
[05 December 2023]
Qualitative successes for executive unit in Sana’a during first quarter of 1445 AH
[03 December 2023]
Water Corporation in Hajjah... Qualitative leap in providing services
[02 December 2023]
Boycott is an essential part of battle with Zionist enemy & is enough to exhaust it economically
[02 December 2023]
Widespread echoes of Yemeni operation to seize Zionist ship in Red Sea
[28 November 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression forces kidnapped displaced woman in Wadi Ubaida in Marib
[06 December 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 30
[30 November 2023]
Seven citizens killed & injured by Saudi army fire in Sa'ada
[23 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 23
[23 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 16
[16 November 2023]
Pride of Zionist enemy's war industry is trampled on feet of Gaza mujahedin & burned with lighter
Pride of Zionist enemy's war industry is trampled on feet of Gaza mujahedin & burned with lighter
Pride of Zionist enemy's war industry is trampled on feet of Gaza mujahedin & burned with lighter

SANA'A November 13. 2023 (Saba) - Despite the Zionist propaganda’s reliance on marketing its military weapons as the most invulnerable, protective, powerful, speedy, and maneuverable, and that they are the best in everything, and that they are the pride of the military industries of the usurping entity, however, resistance fighters in Gaza trampled on this multimillion-dollar myth with their pure feet, they burned it with a lighter costing half a Zionist shekel and some liters of gasoline.

Since the launch of the "Al-Aqsa Flood" epic, carried out by the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", a lot of videos have gone viral, showing that tank, which has a price tag of about $7 million and is the most immune in the world and the most powerful in the battleground, according to military reports, it caught fire after old ammunition was dropped from a helicopter next to it, and fire also rushed from a door at the back of the tank to a distance of no less than ten meters, and only one member of its crew survived.

The burning of the Zionist tank "Merkava", which the Zionist enemy calls the "war vehicle", by Hamas fighters, during the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation, raised widespread questions about the extent of the strength of this tank, which the Zionist enemy considers the most powerful in the world and the pride of its military industries.

Scenes of its burning during Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” with a primitive shell indicate the weakness of its ability and armor... as this tank was previously destroyed by the Palestinian resistance, in mid-February 2002, in September of the same year, in the aggression against the Gaza Strip in 2008, and in March 2020.

After the harsh defeat suffered by the Zionist enemy army in the October War of 1973, the enemy took a decisive and vital decision of the necessity of developing a purely Zionist tank that would meet its military needs. The main goal of this prospective tank was to protect the lives of its crew, as the tanks that were destroyed in that war were not entirely Zionist. Rather, it was of British and American manufacture and was modified slightly to suit the needs of the occupying entity. Therefore, the "Merkava" tank was entirely designed and manufactured in the occupying entity.

The destroyed tank "Merkava" appeared for the first time in the Lebanon War in 1982, and was classified as one of the best weapons in the world. However, tank columns suffered heavy losses in the face of Hezbollah infantry and anti-tank shells in its first model.

The "Merkava" tank, which the Zionist enemy began manufacturing in 1983, came in four successive versions: "Merkava 1", "Merkava 2", "Merkava 3" and "Merkava 4". Its development began in the early 1990s, and the fourth model was produced in 2002, the first actual production of it was delivered to the Zionist enemy army in 2004, and there is also the newest version, nicknamed “Barak,” which entered service in 2023 AD, and was used in the Second Intifada, the 2006 Lebanon War, and the 2008-2009 Gaza War.

The National Interest military magazine confirms that this Zionist tank is the main battle tank of the Zionist enemy army, as the usurping entity has sought over the past years to make the “Merkava” one of the best main battle tanks in the world.

According to military reports, the Zionist enemy entity sees tanks as one of the most important weapons of war in ground confrontations, and because of that, it was keen to design the latest models and put them in the “Merkava 4” or “Barak tank,” and called it “the tank of the 21st century,” and its cost was estimated at about six million USD per tank.

Russian military expert Vladimir Igor told Sky News Arabia: The Merkava tank started with an American engine, and despite the Zionist entity introducing improvements to it, its large weight, which reaches 65 tons, slows down its movement on the battlefield.

The Merkava is considered a very complex and advanced tank, as it includes advanced technologies to protect its crew on the battlefield. The fighting compartment and turret are placed at the back of the tank, and the tower is characterized by an oval shape that provides protection from threats. It is considered the main structure of the tank that provides protection for the crew, and includes the transmission and fuel tanks.

The Merkava is distinguished by having its engine in the rear part, which differs from most tanks that have engines in the front part. This difference provides additional protection for the crew, as it acts as a barrier between the crew cabin and incoming fire.

The Merkava is also considered the first tank in the world to contain an advanced artificial intelligence system that manages the tank's tasks, which reduces the workload on the crew and helps in identifying targets with high accuracy, as artificial intelligence has been integrated into the battlefield management system.

The Merkava also contains an active protection system that intercepts anti-tank missiles before they arrive, has the ability to target moving targets, and has demonstrated excellent capabilities in targeting conventional helicopters.

Earlier this week, the Al-Qassam Brigades announced the complete or partial destruction of more than 160 Zionist military vehicles, including tanks and other military vehicles, since the start of the ground invasion.

The military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Ubaida, said in a statement: What is happening in Gaza on the ground is that the Zionist military machine is destroying everything that confronts it.

Abu Ubaida added: The Zionist tanks are facing violent resistance and fierce clashes that force them to retreat and change the course of the incursion... explaining that “Al-Qassam fighters come out from under the ground, above it, and from under the rubble, and destroy its armor and tanks.”

Abu Ubaida continued: The easy and quick revenge comes to appease his internal front, saying: “We announce the documentation of the total or partial destruction of more than 160 Zionist military vehicles since the start of the ground aggression, including 25 in the last 48 hours.”

It is worth noting that the Zionist military arsenal includes more than 2,200 tanks and 530 artillery, including self-propelled, towed and multiple rocket launchers, according to the 2023 Military Balance Report issued by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

This number is considered large, because it may be equivalent to ten times the tank fleet of the British Army. Also, the Zionist enemy army relies heavily on the tank division more than the other divisions, but with all this power, this army could not enter Gaza in Palestine in any way by land.


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