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  US-Saudi Aggression
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on December 7
[07 December 2023]
Aggression forces kidnapped displaced woman in Wadi Ubaida in Marib
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  US-Saudi Aggression
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on September 21
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on September 21
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on September 21

SANA'A September 21. 2023 (Saba) - On September 21, dozens of citizens, including children and women, were killed and injured in war crimes committed by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression aircraft in various provinces.

On September 21, 2015, 25 citizens were killed and dozens were injured in the aggression’s aircraft targeting the homes of citizens in al-Hasaba neighborhood in al-Thawra district in the Capital Sana'a. The bombing also led to the demolition of homes and damage to other homes and a number of government buildings.

Four citizens were injured and a number of homes and public and private property were destroyed and damaged in the aircraft bombing citizens’ homes in Sa'awan neighborhood of Shu’ab district in the capital Sana'a.

A member of al-Thawra Sports City guard in the capital Sana'a was also injured in the enemy air raids on the southern side of the stadium of the late Ali Mohsen al-Marisi, which also resulted in severe damage to the stadium’s stands and the southern wall.

22 citizens were killed and 16 others were injured in two raids by the aggression aircraft that targeted road security in Dhahr Abu Tir area in al-Shaghadara district in Hajjah province. The aggression warplanes also launched six raids on Tihama Cement Factory, targeting cement silos and a number of rooms and locomotives.

An entire family, consisting of six children and a woman, was also killed in the aggression’s aircraft bombing of their home in the Ghafra area in al-Zahir district in Sa'ada province. The aggressive warplanes also launched raids on Haidan, Razih, Dahyan, and Bani Bahr area in Saqain district and al-Zahir district, causing major damage to citizens’ homes, farms, and shops.

Six citizens were killed, four others were injured, shops were destroyed, and others were damaged in the aggression’s air strikes on Jumat Bin Fadel al-Shaabi market in Haydan district.

Two citizens were injured and more than 40 sheep died in a series of raids on Qarn Bin Zayed area in the same district. A raid was also launched on the Freedom Educational Complex in the district, leading the destruction of large parts of it and damage to other parts, in addition to a number of nearby citizens’ homes.

The enemy aircraft destroyed the house of citizen Mohammed Fares in the village of al-Baqa't zone in Maran area, causing damage to a number of neighboring homes.

On this day of the same year, the aggression aircraft launched a raid on Jirah area and another raid on the road between al-Hadda and Sana’a in al-Hadda district in Dhamar province, and several raids on the city of Bayda and Dhi Na’im district in Bayda province, resulting in material damage to the citizens' properties.

In Sana'a province, the aggression aircraft targeted Hodeida-Sana'a road with a missile in al-Manar area of al-Haymah al-Kharijiya district and launched two raids on the road connecting Dhi Shan and Wuttar in the al-Rifas area of Bilad al-Rus district in Sana'a province, three raids on al-Kasarat site in al-Mahjar area in Hamdan district, and a raid on the line connecting the two provinces, Sana'a and Marib in Arqoub area in Khawlan district in Sana'a province.

The enemy aircraft launched two raids on al-Barah area in Maqbana district and al-Kasara area overlooking al-Arbaeen street, and a raid on Al-Zunqul neighborhood in the city of Taiz.

The aggression warplanes also launched more than eight raids on Sarwah market and the public road, and four raids on the areas of al-Faw and al-Ashraf, south of the city of Marib, and targeted with a raid military crew of mercenaries in al-Husun area, east of the city of Marib, which led to the death of three people, including the leader, Saeed Jaradan.

On this day in 2016, four citizens were killed in a raid launched by the aggression aircraft on a citizen’s car on the main road in the Qatabir district. The aggression warplanes also launched two raids on other areas in the district, three raids on al-Majma’ah area in Baqim district, and a raid on the main road in al-Jarba area in the district of Majz in Sa'ada province.

A child was injured in the explosion of a cluster bomb left over by the aggression in al-Hajla area in Razih district and a Saudi missile and artillery bombardment targeted al-Sheikh and al-Omar areas in Munabeh district in Sa'ada province.

The aggression aircraft launched four raids on Usailan district in Shabwa province, causing major damage to citizens’ homes and farms. Two raids destroyed a mosque, a house, and a gas station belonging to citizens in Sarwah market. Seven other raids targeted the market, al-Mashjah area, and Wadi al-Rabiah, which led to major damage to citizens’ property while a drone targeted a Vitara car east of the airport in Marib province, burning it.

The enemy aircraft targeted six raids on al-Sabreen area in Khub Washaaf district in Jawf province, resulting in significant damage to citizens’ property.

The aggression aircraft launched two raids on Qaa al-Takharaf in Amad area in Sanhan and Bani Bahloul district in Sana’a province, which led to significant damage to agricultural lands, three raids on Dhabwa area in district, and four raids on Jabal al-Sawd in al-Jumaimah in Bani Hashish district.

The aircraft launched three raids on al-Kadra area in al-Khawkha district, Hodeida province, seven raids on Uman Mount in al-Taiziyah district, and four raids on al-Radion station area in Taiz province, while the mercenaries targeted al-Qasr Tour in the city of Taiz with tank shells.

Enemy aircraft launched two raids in Dhamar city center and its sports stadium, a raid on al-Faridha area in Jizan region, a raid on Qaym al-Sayyabah in al-Khubah area, and five raids on Nahuqa site in Najran region.

On September 21, 2017, the aggression aircraft launched six raids on al-Lahiya district in Hodeida province.

On this day in 2018, three women were killed and a fourth was injured in a Saudi missile bombardment that targeted Maran area in Haydan district of Sa'ada province while the aircraft launched three raids on al-Ja’mla area in Majz district and caused damage to citizens’ property.

The aggression aircraft launched two raids on the western and southern part of the ship's tour in Kilo 16 area of al-Durayhimi district in Hodeida province.

On September 21, 2019, the aggression aircraft targeted the communications network in Jabal Dhain in Ayal Sarih district, Amran province, with three raids, and eight raids on Haradh district in Hajjah province.

The enemy aircraft launched three raids on al Ammar area in al-Safra district in Sa'ada province, causing damage to citizens’ property, while the border areas were subjected to Saudi missile and artillery bombardment that targeted farms.

In Hodeida province, the mercenaries targeted the homes of citizens in the village of Mahal al-Sheikh in Kilo 16 area of al-Durayhimi district with mortar shells. They also bombed citizens in al-Jah al-Ala in Bayt al-Faqih district with artillery the homes. They also fired more than 19 artillery shells at al-Matinah area in al-Tuhaita district, and carried out intensive combing with medium and light bullets in the mountainous area of the same district.

On this day in 2020, the aggression aircraft launched two raids on al-Saifi area in Sahar district in Sa'ada province, two raids on the Haradh district in Hajjah province, six raids on Majzar district, and two raids on Madghal district in Marib province.

Spy planes launched two raids on al-Faza area in al-Tuhaita district in Hodeida province, while the mercenaries of the aggression created combat fortifications in Hays district and their tanks bombed al-Shajn village on the outskirts of al-Durayhimi city. They also bombed various areas in the province with artillery, missiles and bullets.

On September 21, 2021, the two citizens, Ahmed Muhammad Abd Rabbuh Balim, and Zaina Ali Muhammad Balim, were killed, and Hana Ali Muhammad Balim was injured in the artillery shelling by the aggression’s mercenaries on their house in Alfa area in the Rahba district of Marib province, while the aircraft targeted the Sarwah district with ten raids, and six raids in al-Abdiyah district. and in a raid in Mahliya district in Marib province.

A citizen was killed nby Saudi border guard fire in al-Raqu area in Munabeh border district in Sa'ada province, while the aircraft launched a raid on Ketaf district in the province, and targeted three raids on Nati’ district in Bayda province.

In Hodeida province, a woman was injured in the mercenary artillery shelling that targeted her house in al-Jabaliya area in al-Tuhaita district, while spy planes launched 13 raids on Hays, al-Faza and al-Salif areas. The mercenaries created combat fortifications in al-Jabaliya and al-Jah and bombed with 497 missiles, artillery shells and various bullets various areas in the province.

On this day in 2022, armed reconnaissance aircraft launched seven raids east of Hays in Hodeida province, and on al-Zahir in Bayda province, al-Balah, Habil al-Bathaa in Bab Ghalaq, Mahdi Square, and al-Fakher triangle in al-Fakher area in Dhale' province.

The aggression's mercenaries created fortifications in Tabet al-Sharif in Jabaliya area in al-Tuhayta district of Hodeida province, and in al-Suh area in Najran, and opened fire on many areas in the provinces of Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Sa'ada, Dhale', Hodeida, and the border fronts.

Intense artillery shelling by mercenaries targeted the areas of al-Tala'ah, al-Rawda, and al-Balq al-Sharqi in Marib province, Haradh, Hiran, and Bani Hassan areas in Hajjah province, al-Madafan, al-Malaheth, and Razih area in Sa'ada province, Hays in Hodeida province, Maqbana area in Taiz province, al-Sabaya, al-Amud, and al-Tebab in Wadi Jarah, al-Dahrah in Jizan region, and al-Beqaa and al-Wajrah areas in Najran region.

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