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President: Yemen is in direct confrontation with USA, Israel

President: Yemen is in direct confrontation with USA, Israel



SANA'A, Aug. 03 (Saba) - President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat affirmed on Tuesday that Yemen is in a direct confrontation with the Americans and the Israelis in this aggression, and that the rest are nothing but tools to cover their crimes.


During his meeting with a number of journalists and media employees, the president said that the Qur'an drew two lines in media work by adhering to the truth and not to twist the words.


Al-Mashat stressed not to be affected by the enemy's propaganda and not to beleive its misleading news.

He stressed the need for media employees to stick to the foundations and constants that are considered strategic and important for media work so that the enemy cannot mislead them, saying "there are basic issues that must be rooted in ourselves and we will always work on them."


He said that the enemy will do its best to take us far away from our constants, adding that considering the fact that the USA is the mother of terrorism and the greatest evil as basic constants in all our writings would avoid us from having problems, because these problems originally come from the enemy.


President al-Mashat stressed the need for everyone to understand that the first enemy is the USA and Israel, and that the countries of aggression are nothing but tools to fund and implement their plans and goals.


He urged all the journalists to work on holding the USA responsible for crimes committed in the country, stressing that would be enough to stop the aggression. 


At the conclusion of his speech, al-Mashat stressed that the media work does not differ from the Jihadi work on the military front.



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