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Marib plunges into darkness under occupation

Marib plunges into darkness under occupation



MARIB, Apr.15 (Saba) - Marib city has been plunged into darkness for about four days as tribal militants preventing the entry of fuel into the city for the kidnapping of one of their sons by the aggression militia.


A report issued by the Information Center of Marib province stated that thousands of residents are suffering from intense hot weather as Islah Party militia, loyal to the aggression, was unable to provide fuel for power stations.


The report confirmed that the people of al-Damashqah tribe cut power lines linking Safer and Marib city and prevented fuel trucks from entering the city, demanding the mercenaries' authority to release one of their sons who was kidnapped a few months ago.


It pointed out the leaders of the Islah party loot about 40,000 barrels of oil per day and trade it on the black market or export it, and prevent the people of Marib from benefiting from the oil wealth.


The people of Marib wondered about the fate of the gas station in the province which covered the republic's provinces with electricity, and how the Party destroyed it and put it out of service for companies affiliated with its leaders and deprived the Yemeni people and the people of the province of electricity.




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