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Yahiya Sarie'a: The Yemeni people are able to survive more than 4,000 days

Yahiya Sarie'a: The Yemeni people are able to survive more than 4,000 days


SANAA, Sep. 16 (Saba) - The Yemeni people, the armed forces and popular committees have survived 2,000 days of aggression and are able to withstand 4,000 days and even more, said Brig. Gen. Yahiya Sarie'a, spokesman for the armed forces on Tuesday.

"Greetings to the leader of our jihadi march and the symbol of our freedom, Mr. Abdul Malik Badreddine al-Houthi, by his will and his administration, We are now going beyond the march of 2000 days of steadfastness after many expected that we will not be able to survive for only 100 days, and God will do what he wants," Brigadier General Sarie'a told Saba after 2,000 days of aggression against Yemen.

He stressed that the morale of heroes on various fronts is high and the next phase is stronger and greater, and Yemen is regaining itself by defeating the invaders and occupiers and achieving its sovereignty and independence by liberating every inch of the territory of the Republic.

"What was the situation during the first 100 days of aggression and what was it with 1,000 days of aggression, and what is it today after 2,000 days of aggression? Let Yemen be an independent dignity."

The spokesman of the armed forces, the free Yemeni people, saluted their steadfastness, patience and support for the heroes of the armed forces and popular committees in various fronts of glory and dignity.

"Yemen said during 2,000 days of aggression that the battle for freedom and independence continues until the liberation of the country and the defeat of the invaders and aggressors and their allies of agents, traitors and mercenaries," Sarie'a concluded.


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