Yemen's military operations are purely defensive acts: spokesman

Yemen News Agency SABA
Yemen's military operations are purely defensive acts: spokesman
[04/ October/2016]

SANAA, Oct.4 (Saba) - Yemen's army spokesman Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman said that every military operations carried out by the army and popular committees' forces in confrontation against U.S.-Saudi aggression and their allies were purely defensive acts.

In a statement to Saba on Monday evening, Luqman said that that "the army and popular forces are committed to the highest morals, values and principles in their military confrontation that are neither targeted civilians or civilian targets nor international navigation."

"Reports about that UAE warship was a civilian ship were baseless and just lies circulated by the pro-aggression media," Luqman said.

He said that "the Yemeni naval forces had not carried out the attacks against the warship on Saturday, Oct. 1, until it had been closely watched, inspected and made sure that the warship was among the Saudi-led aggression military coalition off the Yemeni coasts."

"Furthermore, the UAE defense ministry said in a statement on its website that the attacked warship is belonging to the UAE army forces," Luqman added.

Luqman said the Yemeni naval forces are responsible to protect the Yemeni coasts from terrorist groups that some of which work within the Saudi-led aggression coalition.