Saudi warplanes wage raids on Sa'ada

Yemen News Agency SABA
Saudi warplanes wage raids on Sa'ada
[19/ September/2016]
SA'ADA, Sep. 19 (Saba) – The Saudi fighter jets launched on Monday a series of air raids on Razeh, Shada, al-Dhaher district of Sa'ada province, a military official said.

The Saudi-led aggression dropped cluster bombs on residential area in the district, killing or injuring a number of people, the official added.

A woman was killed and five other people were injured in a raid in al-Hajlah area in Razeh district in Sa'ada, he said.

The official said that a technical team of the army and popular committees dismantled bombs who did not explode.

He stressed the hostile warplanes had intensified their raids on villages and neighborhoods using weapons such as cluster bombs and thermobaric weapons.

This came a day after a British newspaper said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committing war crimes against Yemen by using banned weapons in the country and that the kingdom bought these weapons from United Kingdom and United States of America, he pointed out.

The Health Bureau in Sa'ada province announced recently the increasing number of victims and the injured by the explosion of cluster bombs, noting that the majority of victims are children, he said.

It is worth to mention that five children were killed by the end of last month in a warhead blast in Sehar district of Sa'ada province, he added.