Supreme Political Council welcomes UNSC's press release

Yemen News Agency SABA
Supreme Political Council welcomes UNSC's press release
[15/ September/2016]

SANA'A, Sept. 15 (SABA) – The Supreme Political Council on Thursday welcomed a Sept. 9 press release by the presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) relating to the aggression development against Yemen.

In a statement received by Saba, the council affirmed its approval of constructive and positive interaction with the United Nations about the contents of the UNSC's press release.

The Political Council stressed that "as long as there is a continuity of the aggression, blockade and the intransigence of the other parties, the steps by the Supreme Political Council comes to rearrange the internal affairs of the country to face the aggression and the blockade with the door of dialogue is remaining open in case of any serious intention of the other parties."

"And after a comprehensive, permanent cessation of fight, airstrikes and lift of the siege imposed on our country, the political council then is ready to discuss details of Kerry's initiative at a time and venue to be agreed upon," the political council said in the statement.

For this purpose, the political council called on the United Nations to secure the return of the national delegation from Muscat to Sana'a to consult over the UNSC's press release and Kerry's initiative.

The political council also stressed that the United Nations should work to lift the ban on civil air flights to Sana'a to ease the suffering of thousands of Yemeni citizens stranded in airports abroad and facilitate flights of injured and patients whose cases require immediate travel abroad for treatment.