National delegation in Kuwait consultations returns to Sana’a

Yemen News Agency SABA
National delegation in Kuwait consultations returns to Sana’a
[03/ July/2016]

SANA’A, July 02 (Saba) – The national delegation participating in the UN-sponsored Yemeni consultations being hosted by the State of Kuwait returned to Sana’a on Saturday.

Tthe UN envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh requested suspending the consultations for two weeks to allow the delegations members to further consult with their leaderships, said Arif al-Zoka, head of the General People’s Congress (GPC) delegation in a press conference at Sana’a Airport.

He added that during this period the UN envoy will visit some countries to hold talks provided for the return of the participants in the negotiations to Kuwait on July 15 to complete the consultations.

Al-Zoka confirmed the national delegation’s keenness to continue in the negotiations to complete the roadmap that was discussed by the two parties to the Kuwait consultations.

The Kuwait talks discussed a number of issues, topped by the lasting ceasefire, stopping the aggression and lifting the blockade, the executive authority and the military committee and its formation and tasks.

He pointed out that the negotiations also dealt with the topics of detainees, prisoners and placed under house arrest, removing Yemen from the Chapter VII and the abolition of sanctions on individuals, stressing that there is an international consensus on the need to resolve this crisis peacefully.

For his part, the member of Ansarullah’s delegation Hamza al-Houthi expected a military escalations in the coming days and during the days of Eid al-Fitr and the days after. He continued,“ Therefore, we urge our people and heroes of the army and popular committees to exercise caution and vigilance.”

He described the discussions and consultations, which lasted more than 70 days in Kuwait, as difficult, underlining that the national delegation in the consultations worked to provide persuasive, logical, objective and fair solutions, while the other party was seeking to thwart the consultations because it has no power.