Yemen's 1st flight for Hajj pilgrimage departs via Sana'a Intel Airport

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Yemen's 1st flight for Hajj pilgrimage departs via Sana'a Intel Airport
[28/ May/2024]
SANA'A May 28. 2024 (Saba) - Tuesday witnessed the inaugural flights for the pilgrims' journey to the holy land through Sana'a International Airport, launched by the Ministry of Transport and Guidance, alongside the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Affairs.

The first flight operated by Yemeni Airlines departed from Sana'a Airport bound for Jeddah, carrying 175 pilgrims to perform the rites of Hajj for the current year of 1445 AH.

Simultaneously, the second flight, carrying approximately 131 pilgrims, took off from Sana'a Airport.

Minister of Transport in the caretaker government Abdulwahab al-Durra and Minister of Guidance and Hajj Affairs Najib al-Aajji inspected the departure procedures for pilgrims at Sana'a Airport's departure lounge. They ensured the facilitation provided to them, emphasizing the swift and professional handling of procedures to guarantee the pilgrims' safety and security.

Minister al-Durra affirmed that facilitating pilgrims' journey through Sana'a International Airport demonstrates its operational, technical, and professional readiness around the clock, in accordance with international standards and requirements.

He stated that 8,200 pilgrims will be transported through 44 flights from Sana'a Airport to Jeddah via the national carrier, Yemeni Airlines.

Minister al-Durra highlighted the revolutionary leadership's keen interest in facilitating pilgrims' journey through Sana'a Airport, avoiding distant airports due to the challenges travelers and pilgrims face with rough, unsafe, and unqualified travel routes.

This year's inauguration of pilgrims' transportation marks a significant milestone due to the large number exceeding 8,000 pilgrims, with early and distinguished preparations facilitated by all relevant authorities.

Minister al-Ajji confirmed substantial facilitation provided to the pilgrims, in compliance with the directives of the revolutionary leader and the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council.

He pointed out the unexpected obstacles encountered, such as the cancellation of direct flights from Sana'a Airport to Medina without any justifications, causing burdens and difficulties for the pilgrims.

Deputy Minister of Guidance and Hajj Affairs, Fouad Naji, expressed hope that the pilgrims' flights from Sana'a Airport would signal the complete lifting of the siege on the airport.

He praised the joint cooperation between the Ministries of Transport and Guidance, which resulted positively in transporting over 8,000 pilgrims through Sana'a International Airport.

Acting Chairman of Yemeni Airlines' Board of Directors Khalil Jahaf stated that overcoming difficulties was possible through the concerted efforts and cooperation between the Ministries of Transport, Guidance, the General Authority of Civil Aviation, and Yemeni Airlines.

He mentioned that over 600 pilgrims will be transported Tuesday, today, through four flights from Sana'a to Jeddah, out of the total 8,200 pilgrims.

Meanwhile, acting Director of Civil Aviation Authority Raed Jabal highlighted that early preparations and arrangements directly contributed to the success of the transportation process.

Director of Sana'a Airport Khalid al-Shayef affirmed the operational, technical, and professional readiness of the airport to receive and depart all flights around the clock, in compliance with international standards and requirements, with complete professionalism and neutrality.

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