Zionist enemy arrests Wafaa Jarrar in Jenin


Yemen News Agency SABA
Zionist enemy arrests Wafaa Jarrar in Jenin
[21/ May/2024]
JENIN May 21. 2024 (Saba) - The Zionist enemy forces arrested on Tuesday evening, Wafa Jarrar "48", a candidate for the Legislative Council elections and the wife of prisoner Abdul Jabbar Jarrar, an administrative detainee who spent more than 14 years in the prisons of the Zionist enemy after raiding her home in the Al-Marah neighborhood in Jenin.

The Palestinian Information Center quoted Zaitouna Jarrar, the daughter of the prisoner Wafa, as saying: "The Zionist enemy forces arrested her mother after storming the house and breaking its contents, and that the enemy soldiers beat her before arresting her."

Jarrar was a candidate for the PLC elections on the "Jerusalem is Our Date" list, which was scheduled to be held in 2021.

She is also active in the Martyrs' Mothers Gathering in Jenin and the northern West Bank, which visits the mothers of martyrs and offers them condolences and moral support.

Since Tuesday morning, the city and camp of Jenin have been subjected to a wide invasion of the Zionist enemy forces, which has so far resulted in the martyrdom of seven citizens, including two children, a doctor and a teacher, and the injury of dozens with varying injuries, in addition to the destruction of the famous family home Ahmed Barakat, in addition to extensive bulldozing operations in the streets of the city, the camp and their infrastructure.


resource : SABA