President says anniversary of Yemeni unity annual milestone to revive meanings of brotherhood, reject causes of division

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President says anniversary of Yemeni unity annual milestone to revive meanings of brotherhood, reject causes of division
[21/ May/2024]
SANA'A May 21. 2024 (Saba) - President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat emphasized on Tuesday the vital significance of marking Yemen's unity anniversary as an annual milestone.

Al-Mashat stressed the need to reignite the essence of brotherhood and love, fostering tolerance, coexistence, cooperation, and integration while transcending past wounds and rejecting divisive elements.

In his address commemorating the 34th National Day of the Republic of Yemen, known as "May 22," President al-Mashat underscored that these values are inherent to Yemen's unified identity and faith, and that political differences, no matter their magnitude, should never erode this unity.

He cautioned against allowing destructive ideologies and narrow agendas to jeopardize the nation and its cohesive fabric.

Highlighting the significance of each anniversary as an opportunity to reaffirm commitment to Yemen's territorial and spiritual unity, President al-Mashat stressed that the nation's unity transcends political differences.

He acknowledged historical injustices against Yemenis across the south and north but cautioned against attributing blame to unity for past regime errors. Additionally, he emphasized the illogic of addressing issues while neglecting the country's unity.

President al-Mashat underscored the importance of global recognition that Yemen's interests are intertwined with regional and global stability.

He reiterated Yemen's commitment to peace, good neighborliness, and reconciliation internally and with surrounding nations.

Al-Mashat urged coalition leadership, particularly its primary leadership, to engage sincerely in signing and implementing peace agreements, fostering an environment conducive to trust-building, humanitarian aid, and economic development.

Al-Mashat advised vigilance against the subversive efforts of the United States, Israel, and Britain, which undermine the region's stability.

He called upon the international community and the United Nations to remove obstacles hindering peace efforts in Yemen and to support Sana'a's constructive initiatives.

Furthermore, President al-Mashat urged the United States and Britain to cease their aggressive actions against Yemen and oppressed Gaza immediately.

He emphasized that such aggression poses a severe threat to international peace and security, endangering their own interests.

In a gesture of solidarity with the Iranian people during their mourning period, President al-Mashat directed the government to postpone the celebration of Yemen's National Unity anniversary. Instead, he proposed rescheduling the official celebration for the following Sunday, out of respect for a Muslim nation in solidarity with Yemen and Palestine.

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