Women's Authority in Hajjah... Summer courses activities


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Women's Authority in Hajjah... Summer courses activities
[21/ May/2024]
HAJJAH May 21. 2024 (Saba) -The Women's Cultural Authority in Hajjah Governorate implements skill activities in many fields within the activities and programs of the summer courses for the year 1445.

The activities include life skills, handicrafts, and student manufacturing in various fields through applied lessons and self-sufficiency activities in the manufacture of sweets, pastries, soaps, embroidery, and various skills such as jewelry, furnishings, models, and agriculture.

It includes recreational activities such as visiting historical and Islamic landmarks and kindergartens of martyrs, and agricultural activities such as afforestation in coordination with the Agricultural Committee and the Bonyan Foundation, refining the skills of recitation, poetry, public speaking, chanting, and drawing.

It also includes implementing cultural competitions to create a fun and diverse religious atmosphere, visits to the kindergartens of the martyrs, watching religious flashes of faith, and transforming ordinary practices into useful activities and programs.

The activities and programs aim to provide more than 15,000 female students distributed in 126 summer schools with skills that suit their hobbies, develop their abilities, and teach them the Holy Qur’an and memorization, prayer and ablution.

It also aims to instill the spirit of giving and initiative through charitable activities, strengthening the connection with the Household, peace be upon them and the principle of guardianship for God, the Messenger, and the leaders of guidance through narrating authentic historical stories, videos, lectures, seminars, and instilling hostility to the enemies of Islam and disavowing them.

The women's body focuses on taking advantage of vacations, courses, and summer activities to develop participants' knowledge in cultural aspects and useful sciences.

The Women's Authority considers the summer courses an appropriate opportunity to instill and enhance values, good morals, cooperation, charity, and brotherhood of faith through charity projects and cleaning campaigns.

It seeks to raise the level of participants in the skill and craft aspects, develop their abilities, and develop their awareness of the cultural and skill aspects, such as various crafts, which help them to be able to provide a source of income.

The authority's field coordinators, Fatima Al-Jarb and cultural figure Samar Qasba, explained that the activities include holding cultural evenings, events and competitions, which reflects positively on the behavior of girls, develops noble values and discovers talents.

They pointed out the Authority’s keenness to develop the life, cultural and creative skills of female students, teach them Quranic culture and beneficial religious sciences, enhance values, principles and morals in the hearts of participants, and correct false and misleading ideas.

They reported that the Authority has developed a plan to visit summer courses in the directorates, review the level of implementation of programs and activities, and the extent to which female students benefit from them, and work to provide the necessary needs to achieve the desired goals and strengthen the factors of resilience.

They pointed to the workshops implemented by the Authority to provide coordinators, cultural activists, teachers of Al-Kawthar schools, and those in charge of summer courses with training skills on summer activities in various fields within the framework of the educational and cultural interests of girls and to protect them from soft war.

Al-Jarb and Kasbah noted that the programs for consolidating the connection to God and knowledge of Him, sincere devotion to Him and to the Greatest Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family are among the priority programs that are implemented in the summer courses.


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