Zionist enemy suffers monthly losses due to Yemeni siege


Yemen News Agency SABA
 Zionist enemy suffers monthly losses due to Yemeni siege
[21/ May/2024]
SANA'A May 21. 2024 (Saba) - The Zionist enemy entity suffers heavy monthly economic losses estimated at four billion dollars as a result of the complete Yemeni blockade imposed on its supplies in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, According to economists.

Experts believe that the complete Yemeni blockade of the Zionist enemy's supplies in the Red and Arab seas is costing the enemy at least ten million dollars in daily losses and that changing the route around Africa "makes trade unprofitable."

Experts show that the operations of the Yemeni army in the Red Sea lead to several economic problems for the Zionist enemy entity, and that the transport of maritime goods with Europe and Asia will be stopped, and that logistical costs increased and this is what prompted the usurping entity to search for alternative ways to deliver goods, which has increased significantly from the burden of transportation on him.

In this context, Zionist reports indicate that maritime transport companies received a painful blow in the Red Sea, at the hands of Yemen, especially those linked to the Zionist enemy entity.

Enemy reports stated that Yemeni operations in the Red Sea prompted transport companies to avoid passing through Bab al-Mandab and divert their routes, which tripled the time for its to reach the Zionist ports.

It pointed out the impact of the Yemeni army’s operations in the Red Sea on the strategic planning department in Haifa Port and work there, and that ships take a longer time to arrive than in the previous situation. For example, a ship that normally took a week now takes three weeks.

Enemy reports also indicate that the security situation prompted insurance companies to impose additional fees on containers, and the fees reached about 65-tenths of a percent of the ship’s value in line with the costs of the trip and the duration of arrival, which doubled in addition to the risks of war.

In turn, the Zionist Tax Authority pointed out that it compensates ships that suffered damage as a result of operations in the Red Sea, by 100 percent.

Experts say, "Income from transit through the ports will decrease... because the Zionist ports of Eilat and Ashdod earn money by transporting goods between Asia and Europe, and this flow will decrease due to the blockade."

Experts also estimated that navigation traffic in the port of Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat) - which bears the largest share of losses - declined by 85 percent and revenues by 80 percent since the start of the Yemeni army’s operations on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

Experts noted the importance of the Zionist port of Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat) on the Red Sea, because it is the only port that allows the Zionist enemy entity to directly access trade routes to the east, bypassing the Suez Canal.

The experts concluded that "the restructuring of trade routes from Eilat across the Mediterranean and around Africa will increase travel time by two to three weeks, which will significantly increase the costs of trading companies and make trade unprofitable."

The Yemeni Armed Forces warned in a statement, “All ships heading to Zionist ports of any nationality should refrain from navigating in the Arab and Red Seas, until they bring in what our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip need in terms of water and medicine.”

On the 19th of last December, the United States of America announced the formation of an international coalition to confront the Yemeni operations in the Red Sea under the name “Multinational Security Initiative” which includes ten countries, including Britain, France, Italy, and Bahrain.

A statement by US Secretary of War Lloyd Austin said: “Countries that seek to establish the basic principle of freedom of navigation must come together to confront the challenge posed by this party,” noting that the security alliance will work “to ensure freedom of navigation for all countries, and to enhance regional security and prosperity.”

The coalition includes America, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Bahrain, and the Seychelles.

The Yemeni army spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, warned in mid-November of the army’s intention to target any ships linked to the Zionist enemy.

Following the American-British attacks on Yemen, the Yemeni army and its missile and drone forces escalated their operations in the Red Sea and targeted American and British ships in addition to ships associated with the Zionist entity.

Recently, the Yemeni armed forces announced that they have entered the “fourth phase of escalation,” which includes targeting ships heading to Zionist ports in the Mediterranean Sea, until the aggression stops and the siege of the Gaza Strip is lifted.

As military experts and political analysts confirmed that it is in the interest of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, it imposes more siege on the usurping Zionist entity.


resource : SABA