Fears of increasing scale of Zionist massacres in genocide war on Gaza


Yemen News Agency SABA
Fears of increasing scale of Zionist massacres in  genocide war on Gaza
[19/ May/2024]

SANA'A May 19. 2024 (Saba) - The size of the massacres committed by the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip is increasing since the start of the "genocide" war on the Strip on the seventh of last October, as these massacres amounted to more than three thousand massacres, which raises many fears of the free world and international organizations, while the Palestinian resistance factions are currently engaged in violent clashes with the Zionist enemy forces that are trying to advance in Rafah and Jabalia.

In a new tally published by the Government Media Office in the Gaza Strip last Wednesday, for the war of extermination until the 215th day of the brutal Zionist aggression on Gaza since the seventh of October, the office confirmed that the Zionist enemy army committed (3,094) massacres, resulting in more than (44,844) martyrs and missing and (78,404) wounded.

The office pointed out that among these martyrs are more than (15,002) child martyrs, (30) of whom were martyred as a result of famine, while the number of martyrs among women reached (9,893) martyrs.

According to figures reported by the government media office in Gaza, (75,000) tons of explosives were dropped by the Zionist enemy on the Gaza Strip, while the initial direct losses of the war of extermination on the Gaza Strip amounted to (33) billion dollars.

The magnitude of the massive massacres shows the extent of the Zionist enemy's thirst for Palestinian blood, cold-blooded killing, the genocide of civilians in the Gaza Strip, and the desire of Netanyahu and his Zionist gang to shed Palestinian blood under any pretext to achieve anything as a significant achievement in front of the Zionist public.

While the administration of US President Joe Biden ignores what is happening in the Gaza Strip and turns a blind eye to the massacres and genocide committed by the Zionist enemy, the same administration promotes that the Zionist enemy did not cross the red lines in its invasion of Rafah, after sending the huge military aid that the Zionist enemy needs for the invasion and acts of killing, extermination and destruction.

What worries the free world and raises fears among international and humanitarian organizations of the brutal war of aggression on the Gaza Strip is the steady increase in the volume of Zionist crimes without an agreement on the horizon for an "immediate and permanent ceasefire" in the Gaza Strip or any deterrent to prevent the Zionist enemy entity from continuing its brutal crimes, at a time when Washington obstructs any attempts to cease fire in the Strip, the latest of which is its repudiation of the recent negotiations and the paper presented to Hamas by the mediators (Cairo and Doha). In the presence and signature of William Burns.

Many countries of the world, international organizations, Arab and Islamic countries and experts have warned of the repercussions of the Zionist entity's invasion of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, adjacent to Egypt's borders.

The city of Rafah is home to about one million and 300,000 displaced people who have been displaced from the northern and central governorates of the Gaza Strip.

The world is demanding a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which is suffering from a humanitarian catastrophe and famine like no other in the world, but the United States continues to block any agreement to stop the war of extermination and shirk its commitments.

Washington has repeatedly blocked ceasefire projects in the UN Security Council to give space to the usurping entity in shedding Palestinian blood and destroying the Gaza Strip.

The most criminal and barbaric thing is the new mass graves that have been uncovered, as the number of these graves set up by the Zionist enemy inside hospitals in Gaza reached (seven) mass graves.

The figures of the Government Media Office in Gaza show the full details of the outcome of the Zionist aggression on the 215th day as follows: The toll of the massacreر️ committed by the enemy army reached (3,094) massacres, while the number of Palestinian martyrs and missing reached (44,844) martyrs و️ (10,000) missing. The number of martyrs reached more than (34,844) martyrs who arrived at hospitals, including (15,002) martyrs of children, (30) martyrs as a result of famine, (9,893) martyrs of sciaticaء️, (492) martyrs of medicalة️ staff, (68) martyrs of the Civil و️ Defense (142) martyrs of journalists, while the number of injured Palestinians reached (78,404) wounded and injured.

The number of mass graves committed by the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip amounted to about (seven) cemeteries set up by the enemy inside hospitals, while the number of bodies that were recovered reached (520) martyrs out of the seven mass graves.

While the Zionist enemy destroyed in its continuous aggression on the Gaza Strip until today 215 (186) government headquarters, (103) schools and universities completely destroyed by the enemy, (311) schools and universities partially destroyed by the enemy (243) mosques completely destroyed by the enemy, (321) mosques partially destroyed by the enemy, and (three) churches targeted and destroyed by the enemy.

The Zionist enemy also destroyed 86,000 housing units completely and (294,000) housing units partially destroyed by the enemy.

Until the same day, the Zionist enemy dropped 75,000 tons of explosives on the Gaza Strip, and the enemy took 33 hospitals out of service and 54 health centers as well.

The Zionist enemy targeted (160) health institutions, (126) ambulances and (206) archaeological and heritage sites that were completely destroyed by the enemy.

The initial direct losses of the brutal genocidal war on the Gaza Strip have been estimated at $33 billion.

On the other hand, the Palestinian resistance factions are engaged in fierce clashes with the Zionist enemy forces that are trying to advance in Rafah and Jabalia, and the Zionist enemy has suffered the largest losses since the start of its ground operations on the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist enemy admitted on Sunday that 50 officers and soldiers were wounded as a result of battles with the resistance on three fronts: east of Rafah, Jabalia, and the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

Field sources were quoted as saying that the Zionist enemy forces are trying to penetrate into Jabalya, and pushed new reinforcements towards the camp, which they seek to reach for the first time since the start of the war, while enemy vehicles surrounded schools housing displaced people in eastern Jabalia, and forced hundreds of displaced people to leave them towards west Gaza City.

The Zionist enemy aircraft launched intensive raids on the homes of citizens in Jabalya camp, where the homes of the families of Al-Nayrab, Shalayel, Atallah and Abu Lihia were targeted.

On another front, the Zionist enemy vehicles are also trying to advance in eastern Rafah, amid fierce clashes with the Palestinian resistance.

The artillery of the Zionist enemy launched a concentrated bombardment on the eastern neighborhoods of Rafah governorate, amid the continued displacement of citizens.

The statements of the Palestinian resistance rolled out, since yesterday morning, where it confirmed that it is engaged in fierce clashes in the axes of the incursion of the Zionist enemy.

The al-Qassam Brigades said it was engaged in fierce clashes with enemy soldiers east of George Street, in the axis of the incursion, east of Rafah.

It added that it targeted an Israeli troop carrier with a "Al-Yassin 105" shell east of "George Street" in the axis of the incursion, east of Rafah.

It also confirmed that its fighters are engaged in fierce clashes with the occupation forces in the axis of progress east of Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.


resource : Saba