Islamic Resistance in Lebanon increases pace of its military operations against Zionist enemy: report

Yemen News Agency SABA
Islamic Resistance in Lebanon increases pace of its military operations against Zionist enemy: report
[19/ May/2024]
CAPITALS May 19. 2024 (Saba) - The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon has escalated its military operations against the Zionist enemy. This development signifies a significant enhancement in its weaponry, which is poised to effectively counter Zionist aggression in Gaza and the siege imposed on Palestinians in the enclave.

In response to these advancements, the Lebanese resistance, a staunch supporter of Gaza, has elevated its military activities, introducing new weapons to the battlefield. This strategic move has altered the dynamics of the conflict, as part of a continuous qualitative improvement process initiated since October 8.

While the Zionist aggression continues to target Gaza, the Lebanese resistance has intensified its support by augmenting its qualitative attacks. These recent actions include the deployment of armed drones and precision strikes, following the earlier downing of a surveillance balloon and the targeting of spying installations.

In a notable operation, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance launched an armed drone attack on "al-Matla" site, targeting its defenders and vehicles with two "Is5" missiles. Upon reaching the designated area, the drones launched their missiles, resulting in casualties among the enemy forces. The operation demonstrated the resistance's precision and efficacy in hitting its intended targets.

According to Lebanese military sources, this operation marked a significant achievement for the Lebanese Islamic Resistance's aerial capabilities. The sources also revealed that the resistance possesses a considerable number of drones, with only a fraction of them unveiled thus far.

The revelation of these capabilities is contingent upon the nature of the battle and its requirements. Consequently, the continuation and escalation of the conflict may lead to further revelations, causing concern for the Zionist enemy, which has struggled to effectively counter the threat posed by the drones.

Furthermore, the ability of the drones to penetrate deep into the occupied Palestinian territories, as demonstrated in the operation targeting the "Tal Shemaim" air surveillance and comprehensive detection system, underscores their strategic significance. This operation, which targeted a location 35 kilometers from the Lebanese border, involved meticulous aerial reconnaissance and target identification.

Israeli media outlets have reported on the expansion of the Lebanese resistance's offensive capabilities since the onset of the war, both in terms of range and weaponry used. Analysts have noted Hezbollah's adaptation to its initial weaknesses at the start of the conflict, particularly through the activation of drones, which pose a significant challenge to the air surveillance systems.

In response, Hezbollah has made concerted efforts to undermine the capabilities of the Israeli Air Force, targeting its ability to establish aerial superiority by attacking the air surveillance unit in "Meiron" and damaging the surveillance balloon at the "Golan" junction.

Israeli media sources have also highlighted the increasing casualties suffered by the Zionist enemy in the north, with 20 fatalities recorded since the beginning of the war and four in the past two weeks alone. This high casualty rate is unsustainable for Israel, representing a significant cost of the conflict.

Moreover, Hezbollah has been striving to neutralize the Israeli Air Force since the start of the war, aiming to impair its ability to build an aerial picture in the north by targeting the aerial surveillance unit in "Meiron" and the balloon at the "Golan" junction.

In conclusion, the escalation and development of operations reaffirm what Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared at the outset of "Tufan al-Aqsa" battle: "We are prepared." This readiness indicates that the Lebanese resistance's deterrent capabilities have indeed reached maturity, not only for repelling any attack against Lebanon but also for conducting a wide-ranging offensive within the occupied Galilee, reaching as far as Tel Aviv in the occupied Palestinian territories.

resource : Saba