Battle of "Al-Aqsa flood"... Zionist enemy tirelessly receive defeats

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Battle of
[18/ May/2024]
SANA'A May 18. 2024 (Saba) - As the battle of the blessed "Al-Aqsa flood" enters its eighth month… It seems that the Zionist enemy does not tire of successive defeats, as its army returned to fight in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip, with many of its soldiers among the dead and wounded, after the enemy claimed that it was "cleansed."

Because the battle of "Al-Aqsa Flood" established the beginning of a new phase of conflict with the usurping entity and its Zionist arms that protect, support, and share its crimes, this battle constituted a prominent and unprecedented historical turning point in the history of the central cause of the nation and the oppression of the Palestinian people, who were abandoned and even conspired against by some Arab printing regimes.

Despite the fact that the flood in Gaza opened new fronts in the conflict with the brutal enemy, starting from southern Lebanon to Syria and Iraq to Yemen, but in all these fronts it receives defeats after defeats and suffers heavy losses beyond imagination, and the Zionist enemy is in front of a real and great predicament, and even those arms that took all their initiative to support this usurping and hated entity, as it did not witness such a situation that surrounds it with defeats, loss and pressure from all sides on The extent of its history.

In this context, Major General in the reserve of the Zionist enemy army, Yitzhak Brik, confirmed last night that what is happening in Gaza at the moment is a "war of attrition."

He warned that prolonging it would lead to the collapse of the army and economy in the Zionist enemy entity.

In an interview with Israel's Channel 13, Brik noted that "the occupation army needs to be repaired immediately."

He said there was a need to increase the number of ground troops in it.

Brik acknowledged the inability of the Zionist enemy army to defeat Hamas in Gaza.

He pointed out that the Gaza Strip "represents one arena out of six," and the war against it "does not include the firing of thousands of rockets per day – as is the case in war scenarios in other arenas, such as Lebanon and Iran."

Earlier, Thursday, Zionist Knesset member Amit Levy confirmed in an interview with Israel's Channel 14 that "all 24 Hamas battalions are in Gaza, so none of them have been destroyed."

Besides Hamas's steadfastness, he said, Islamic Jihad still exists, and "they lied to us that it was eliminated."

Reserve Major General Yitzhak Brik (formerly Commissioner for Soldiers' Complaints) said that the five commanders in the war cabinet were leading Israel into a disaster the likes of which had never been seen before.

There is only one way out of the impasse: stopping the war.

Reuters reported that the remarks come amid growing doubts about achieving the goals of the ongoing Zionist war on Gaza, as enemy forces return to the old battlefields in the Strip.

Despite the attempt of the West and America from the beginning to ease the state of pressure that surrounded it from the seventh of October last year, but it failed to do so, the size of the losses at various levels and the level of military, psychological and moral defeat and its branching cannot be described, as the Zionist entity in its aggression against Lebanon in 2006 ended, and the legend of its invincible army fell in that war, in which Hezbollah's victory was legendary and epic and the image of the usurping entity was shattered in an unprecedented manner.

Then the Zionist enemy entity fought intermittent wars of aggression against the Palestinian resistance factions that it could not continue and continued in, so it resorted to mediation to stop the confrontation. In the "Al-Aqsa Flood", he received a fatal blow that lost his balance and rushed with the encouragement, support and support of the United States and the West to engage in mass murder and a genocidal war against the residents and civilians of Gaza.

As for the fields of confrontation with the Palestinian resistance factions, their defeats are almost daily, and they are also in southern Lebanon in the confrontation with Hezbollah, which, as one of the officials of the usurping entity put it, is a humiliation to which the Zionist enemy army is exposed.

As for the Yemen front, what the enemy shouted at the top of his voice than he receives on this front, and the American and British presence did not benefit him, nor did he mobilize alliances, as his alliance "Guardian of Prosperity" faded and the American was left alone and the British were involved with him and they are in an unenviable situation.

Anyone who contemplates and reviews the statements and intimidation issued by America, Britain and some of the countries that constitute arms of Zionism in the region realizes the magnitude of the defeats they are experiencing and the extent of the terror that controls them, which led to this confusion and an attempt to relieve those pressures through sporadic criminal acts.

The Zionist-American aggression on the Gaza Strip continues for the 224th day, as the past hours witnessed fierce battles in Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip, during which the resistance battalions were able to inflict human and material losses on enemy soldiers.

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, announced that its fighters clashed alongside the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), with a special Zionist force in the Jabalya camp, killing and wounding its members, and the battalions also targeted four military bulldozers of the type "D9" and a Merkava tank with "Yassin 105" shells east of Jabalya camp.

This comes as the massacres of the Zionist enemy army continue, as it committed four massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, of which 31 martyrs and 56 injuries reached hospitals in the past 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The toll of the aggression rose to 35,303 martyrs and 79,261 injuries since the seventh of last October.

On the other hand, the International Court of Justice at its headquarters in The Hague began a two-day session to consider a request submitted by South Africa, to take additional measures regarding the Zionist attack on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

The South African delegation said in a statement: "Israel is an apartheid regime that commits genocide in Gaza, and impunity has allowed it to commit this genocide against Palestinians."

US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell revealed at a NATO youth summit in Miami that President Joe Biden's administration does not believe that Israel will achieve a "complete victory" over Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

"In some ways, we find it difficult to define what the theory of victory is," Campbell said.

Sometimes when we listen closely to Zionist leaders, they often talk about the idea of a landslide victory on the battlefield, a complete victory."

"I don't think we see this as possible or possible.

"This is very similar to the situations we found ourselves in after the events of September 11, where the insurgency continues after the transfer of the civilian population and a lot of violence."

The US deputy secretary of state was quoted by CNN as saying: "We are wrestling with Israel over what victory in Gaza is.

We don't believe that the complete victory Israel seeks is possible or possible."

Observers believe that this comment is the first actual American recognition that the current Zionist military strategy will not achieve the result it aims for.

Campbell's comments come as Washington warned Tel Aviv not to go ahead with a major military offensive on Rafah, the southernmost city of the Gaza Strip, where more than a million people displaced from the north of the Strip by Israeli attacks are sheltering.

International newspapers also focused on the repercussions of the ongoing Zionist war on the Gaza Strip, and the failure of Tel Aviv to achieve its declared goals despite entering the eighth month, in addition to the possibility of another war in light of Iran's threat to respond to any Zionist bombing that affects its interests.

The so-called former Zionist Justice Minister Haim Ramon had previously acknowledged that the war waged by Benjamin Netanyahu's government on the Gaza Strip ended in a strategic defeat for the Zionist entity.

Not far from Ramon's remarks, the Zionist website Walla quoted former Israeli Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan as saying: "We are stuck in Gaza without real goals or strategy to get out.

Netanyahu is the worst leader in Israel's history, and a threat to our existence.

The goals of overthrowing the Hamas government and returning the abductees were unrealistic from the start."

It is worth mentioning that the battle of the blessed "Al-Aqsa flood" brought the Palestinian cause back to the global forefront again, in conjunction with an African and global awakening, and at the current stage there was a harsh, dark and gloomy end to the future of the Zionist enemy entity when most of the following forces, and even theorizing in political and military affairs within the enemy entity, unanimously agreed on the near demise of the Zionist project, which showed many signs of sagging and aging in existential stages.


resource : SABA