President Al-Mashat confirms moving until every inch of Yemeni soil cleansed & injustice against Gaza lifted

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President Al-Mashat confirms moving until every inch of Yemeni soil cleansed & injustice against Gaza lifted
[07/ May/2024]
SANA'A May 07. 2024 (Saba) - His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council - Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, affirmed moving forward until every inch of Yemeni soil is cleansed, , the injustice and siege imposed on the brothers in Gaza is lifted.

President Al-Mashat said, in his speech during his participation in the military maneuver of the state and government leaders: “We are proud and pleased with this presence, this presence, and this spirit of the statesmen.”

He added: "Today I was on the road and in front of me was a march of scouts from summer center students, and this was a source of joy and pride for us. Today, we are among the statesmen in the field, qualifying and educating ourselves, because we have a cause. We have an enemy that is lurking for us, but it is in front of this awareness and in front of this presence of men." The state, the people, and the leadership are confronting this challenge.” He stressed that “this is the safety valve to thwart the enemy’s plots.”

He continued: “We will continue the journey in state institutions with our leadership and with our people until the liberation of the entire national territory of our country, until the siege , injustice imposed on our people in Gaza are lifted, and these squares will be crowded with all groups of the people, their military , political men, and all the general public.

We will head to the field of confrontation, every day.” “With regard to it, until we gain complete freedom for our country - God willing.”

President Al-Mashat stressed that no one had imagined that the armed forces would reach the military capabilities they have reached. He said: “Many of you heard Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s statement a few days ago that Yemen has become a global power. All of this is thanks to God, and thanks to this wise decision, which It was taken by the revolution leader , so you have the honor of participating in this decision with our people.”

He pointed out that "everyone knows where Yemen was, but it was the courageous and wise leadership of Mr. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi that raised Yemen to the ranks of global countries."

He said: "Now the American is groveling, mediating, and courting, but he is putting us in front of dangers and a great test related to our religion and our dignity.

Otherwise, there are great temptations that we will receive to stop this decision, but we refuse, because it conflicts with our religion, values, and principles."

His Excellency the President pointed out that “the decision of the region is a decision of peace and war, and the decision of the atmosphere surrounding this region, has become subject to the signal of the Commander.” He stressed that “the enemy has failed in the military confrontation, and this is clearly visible, but he has other policies and other methods.”

He said: "I hope that God will enable us to be victorious in the face of these battles, just as God has enabled us to be victorious in the military field and in the military arena."

He added: "The battle's weapon is awareness, its weapon is purging state institutions of infiltrators and agents through whom the enemy will work to stir up the internal situation, with which we will stand as an impenetrable barrier to thwart these conspiracies - God Almighty willing - we, with you, our people, and our leadership, will continue the journey until every inch of this soil is cleansed." Homeland, and until the injustice and siege imposed on our people in Gaza are lifted.”


resource : SABA