Discussing implementation level of summer courses & activities in Ibb


Yemen News Agency SABA
Discussing implementation level of summer courses & activities in Ibb
[23/ April/2024]
IBB April 23. 2024 (Saba) - A meeting of the Subcommittee for Summer Courses and Activities in Ibb province today, Tuesday, headed by Governor Abdul Wahed Salah, discussed the level of implementation of summer courses in various schools in the province.

The meeting, in the presence of the cultural official in public mobilization, Yahya Al-Shahari, and the province mobilization official, Abdel Fattah Ghallab, heard from the director of the Education Office, Muhammad Al-Ghazali, and members of the committee, an explanation of demand level , the activities and programs of the summer courses that are implemented in 600 open schools and 24 model schools.

Governor Salah called for cooperation and interaction with the programs and activities of the summer courses because of their importance in fortifying young people and developing their abilities and skills during the summer vacation period.

He pointed out that summer activities and courses, including cultural, educational, sports and entertainment programs, are sufficient to prepare and build a generation armed with knowledge and the right knowledge.


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