Hamas: Blinken's remarks confirm US full partnership in genocide


Yemen News Agency SABA
Hamas: Blinken's remarks confirm US full partnership in genocide
[23/ April/2024]
GAZA April 23. 2024 (Saba) - The Islamic Resistance Movement criticized remarks by the US secretary of state, who tried to hold the Movement responsible for stalled deal.

Blinken's remarks have nothing to do with reality, Hamas said in statement carried by the Palestinian media center, as the "Movement offered flexibility more than once to help reach a deal that would stop genocidal war and aggression against our people" amid Netanyahu's obdurate obstacles.

Last March, Hamas and the resistance introduced clear demands, which were welcomed by all the mediators, the Movement said, noting that they called for lasting ceasefire, withdrawal of occupation troops, return of the displaced to their homes, increase in relief, and start of reconstruction.

With their full partnership in the genocidal war against the Palestinian people and their persistent military and political support to the enemy, the American administration makes baseless accusations against Hamas, the statement read.


resource : Saba