American veto...Curse & disgrace to America's modern & contemporary history

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American veto...Curse & disgrace to America's modern & contemporary history
[22/ April/2024]
SANA'A April 22. 2024 (Saba) - The American veto against accepting the State of Palestine, an independent, fully sovereign state, recently in the Security Council means, in clear terms, that what America has promoted over the past years regarding the two-state solution, despite international consensus, is just a lie... because America decided to be against everyone for the sake of Israel, and against the Palestinians obtaining their most basic legitimate rights.

With this decision, America has taken a position against the international consensus in support of an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state. This is America, throughout its long history filled with wars, tragedies, and injustice on various continents of the world. It does not give any consideration to the legitimate rights of states, a colonial state that built itself from invasions, occupation, and plundering of wealth peoples, and capabilities.

Since the beginning of the talks to resolve the Palestinian issue, America has been promoting the term two-state solution, until it finally became clear, after standing against the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, that this is nothing but a speck of dust in the eyes.

The unfortunate thing is that the Gulf regimes in particular, and the Arab and Islamic regimes in general, are always blindly drawn to align with American positions. They do not take into account their national interests, and do not take lessons from the positions America has placed them in, in which their national sovereignty was violated. Indeed, the Arabs of the Gulf have exaggerated in them.

They threw themselves into the arms of America and went to normalization with their eyes closed, and from a position of weakness, humiliation, they opened their countries wide for the Zionist occupier to arrive and tour them with all comfort, and to invest , benefit from their financial capabilities ,strategic locations, and finally they sold the Palestinian cause to please the Zionist occupier and the United States of America.

All that remains now, after all the American orgy in the Arab region, is the option of confrontation with this country that has bared its fangs to tear apart and fragment the Arab and Islamic countries. It is a right and legitimate option to defend the Arab and Islamic identity, it is not difficult if there is a sincere national will and desire to do so, and we have the right to do so.

The glorious victories of the Yemeni Navy in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, as a prime example...and how the Yemeni Navy was able to inflict successive defeats on the American and British Navy, despite having the strongest naval arsenal in the world.


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