Germany is facing increasing pressure to stop arming Zionist entity

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Germany is facing increasing pressure to stop arming Zionist entity
[21/ April/2024]
CAPITALS April 21. 2024 (Saba) -The German government is facing increasing pressure, with the aim of forcing it to stop arms sales to the Zionist enemy entity, especially in light of the accusations directed against it of full partnership in the “genocidal” war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as the aggression enters its seventh month.

In the most recent of these pressures, four organizations specialized in monitoring human rights filed a lawsuit against the German government’s decision to approve the export of three thousand anti-tank weapons to the usurping entity. This is the second case of its kind to be filed this month due to Berlin’s support for the enemy entity in its war on Gaza.

According to what was published by the British newspaper "The Guardian", a lawsuit before the local German courts, next Thursday, will demand the government to cancel all licenses to sell weapons to the Zionist entity issued since the seventh of last October.

According to the British newspaper, this urgent lawsuit was filed by four human rights organizations on behalf of five Palestinians, who say that they fear for their lives in Gaza and are being subjected to collective punishment by the Zionist entity. The lawsuit targets the Ministry of Economic and Climate Affairs led by the Green Party, which is the body responsible for export licensing under the War Weapons Control Act.

For its part, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights said in a statement: The latest case, filed by five Palestinians from Gaza, was supported by lawyers from the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin and Palestinian human rights organizations.

The center confirmed that the German government granted a permit to export three thousand anti-tank weapons to the Zionist entity after the Hamas attack on October 7, while it has not yet approved a request for a permit to export 100 thousand rounds of ammunition to the Zionist entity.

In the same context, the Secretary-General of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, Wolfgang Kaleck, said in a statement: “Germany cannot remain true to its values if it exports weapons to a war that shows serious violations of international humanitarian law.”

Last week, lawyers in Berlin said: They submitted an urgent appeal to stop arms exports to the Zionist entity, citing reasons that make them believe that they are being used in ways that violate international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip.

Last February, a group of German lawyers - representing families in Gaza - filed a criminal complaint against German officials accusing them of aiding and abetting the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza by supplying the occupying entity with weapons.

It is noteworthy that Nicaragua recently filed a case before the International Court of Justice accusing Germany of participating in the genocide in Gaza by continuing to export weapons to the Zionist entity.

Nicaragua asked the court to take a decision to impose emergency temporary measures preventing Germany from continuing to supply the Zionist entity with weapons and other forms of support. It also called on the court to issue an order for Germany to withdraw its decision to suspend funding for UNRWA.

In comparison, Germany is the second largest arms exporter to the Zionist entity after the United States of America.

A report published by the American newspaper "Washington Post" about the largest countries that supply weapons to the Zionist enemy army explained that America accounts for the overwhelming percentage of these exports, followed by Germany.

The report indicated that the Zionist enemy entity imported about 30 percent of its weapons between 2019 and 2023 from German manufacturers.

German arms exports to the Zionist entity increased tenfold last year compared to 2022, reaching $354 million.

Since last October 7, Berlin has said that it has agreed to sell weapons and military equipment worth $275 million to the Zionist entity, according to what Foreign Ministry lawyers said at the International Court of Justice.

Not only does the German government harness its military power to support the Zionist enemy entity, but it also imposed restrictions described as discriminatory on protests and activities supporting the Palestinians and calling for an end to the aggression against Gaza.

In this context, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis announced that Germany banned his participation in political activities on its territory because of his statements in support of Palestine.

The former Greek minister said that the reason for the ban was his speech in support of Palestine, which he planned to deliver during the Palestine Conference, in the German capital, Berlin, last Friday.

Varoufakis stressed that the Palestinians have been living in a semi-open prison for nearly 80 years, have minimal food and water, have no contact with the outside world, and are periodically exposed to bombing.

Last Friday, German police prevented the conference organizers from continuing its activities an hour after it began, citing concerns about anti-Semitic statements.

The activities of the Palestinian conference were scheduled to last for three days with the aim of raising awareness of the genocide committed by the Zionist enemy entity in the Gaza Strip.

On the conference's website, the organizers accused the occupying Zionist entity of committing "apartheid and genocide." They also accused Germany of "colluding" with the Zionist enemy entity in its ongoing aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip.


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