Collapse of Western legal & moral system. Germany as a model

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Collapse of Western legal & moral system. Germany as a model
[17/ April/2024]

SANA'A April 17. 2024 (Saba) - One of the most prominent results of the heroic operation Al-Aqsa Flood is that it removed the last fig leaf that the Western and American regimes were hiding behind to hide an unparalleled ugliness regarding their international relations and their position on human and peoples' rights in general.

This came to the fore in what they tried to hide for decades, which is the unlimited support for the entity they planted in the Arab region, called Israel and assigned an intelligence function to protect their colonial interests in the region.

America publicly declares day and night its responsibility to protect Israel's security, and Britain was the origin of the disaster in planting this malicious entity at the expense of the interests and rights of the Palestinian people with the Balfour Declaration, which gave a homeland that does not belong to the Zionist gangs that do not deserve it, the rest of the European countries, especially those affiliated with the name of NATO, have no voice or position except what the US administration dictates, and some of them even exaggerate their support for Israel more than the Israelis and Americans, who are Germans who are governed by a guilt complex. To atone for the massacres and holocausts carried out by German Hitler during World War II.

Germans have now become a laughing stock in the whole world, and they adapt their positions by circumventing the provisions of the German constitution, which upholds human rights, to resort to the criminal law, which prohibits and criminalizes any position in the German street in support of the Palestinian cause and calls for an end to the war in Gaza.

For decades, Germany has concealed its hatred of everything Arab and Palestinian, and today it has emerged as an aggressive force that advocates any Israeli aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people more than the Zionists themselves.

The whole world has become aware of the reality of Germany's exaggerated hostility to the Palestinian people and the rest of the Arab peoples and other peoples of the world that belong to humanity and glorify human rights, which prompted Nicaragua, the Latin American country, to file a lawsuit against Germany at the International Court of Justice on charges of participating in the genocide carried out by Zionist gangs in the Gaza Strip.

The Nicaraguan lawsuit has received great satisfaction around the world, which knows that 30% of the genocidal weapons used by the Zionist army in the Gaza Strip come from Germany, this country, which does not enjoy full sovereignty over its territory, as it is still governed by post-World War II laws until now, where US military forces have been stationed in its territory since 1945, the year in which World War II ended, so political observers and observers in this regard wonder what the forces are doing. The United States in German territory after all these years, especially after the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Warsaw Pact.

The Republic of Yemen realized from an early stage the reality of the Western-American hatred against the Arab peoples and the Palestinian cause, according to which the decision was taken to military confrontation in the Red and Arab Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait with the American and British colonial powers and the rest of the NATO countries and direct confrontation with the Zionist gangs in the Gaza Strip and occupied Palestine.

The Yemeni armed forces have created a new reality in the process of confrontation with the Zionist entity and its colonial supporters, a reality that was supposed to be reached some time ago with an enemy that believes only in force and arrogance and is now facing a difficult reality imposed on it by the Yemeni armed forces.


resource : Saba