Despite its horrific crimes... Zionist entity suffers absolute defeat in Gaza

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Despite its horrific crimes... Zionist entity suffers absolute defeat in Gaza
[15/ April/2024]
SANA'A April 15. 2024 (Saba) - The Zionist enemy has committed crimes in the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October that exceed the crimes of terrorist groups and go beyond the terrorism of armed militias, all of its goals have not been achieved and it has failed miserably.

In this context, the Zionist enemy’s media acknowledged that this usurping entity would not be able to achieve the goals of its war on Gaza.

The political affairs correspondent for the Zionist newspaper "Haaretz", Haim Levinson, wrote in an article: "We have lost the war. This is the clear conclusion for every Israeli."

He continued, saying: “We have a clear and sharp reality before us, and we must begin to absorb it, understand it, and draw conclusions from it for the future...but it is not nice to say that we lost.”

He pointed out, "After six months, we could have been somewhere else, but we are prisoners of the worst leadership in the history of Israel." He pointed out that "it is not certain that we will be able to return to the northern border, safely."

He added, "There is now a high probability that over the years, any trip on the northern border will be targeted. Not all prisoners will return."

The Zionist spokesman said: “We have succeeded in deceiving for years that we are strong with an intelligent people and an extremely powerful army.

Levinson concluded his speech by saying: “The more the trumpets shout: We win, the more we lose... Life is less safe than it was before October 7th.”

The Zionist newspaper "Haaretz" published a report entitled "Israel Has Been Defeated," in which it indicated that this entity had failed in its war on Gaza, as the Zionist army not achieved any of its declared goals more than six months after the "Al-Aqsa Flood".

The report confirmed that the enemy army did not succeed in recovering the hostages held by the Palestinian factions in Gaza, and that the security of "Israel" will remain threatened and the country will remain an outcast in the international arena.

In the same context, the British newspaper the Guardian published an article indicating that the war on Gaza was the cause of the fall of the West, and that the Zionist enemy is facing a major strategic defeat.

A few days ago, the Palestinian writer Abdel Bari Atwan commented on the Zionist enemy army’s announcement of its withdrawal from Khan Yunis. He considered that the announcement by the Zionist enemy army leadership to withdraw the 98th Division with its three brigades from the city of Khan Yunis, after four months of continuous fighting in the city, is a clear and field admission of defeat.

The Zionist terrorist entity's acknowledgment of its losses came from the Zionist politician Haim Ramon, also known as the Zionist Minister of Justice, as he indicated that the Zionist war on the Gaza Strip ended with the defeat of "Israel."

As well as, the war unable to achieve its goals in Gaza over a period of seven months... calling on the Zionist Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevi, to submit his resignation, in preparation for his trial.

In the same context, Danny Newman, an analyst for the Zionist Channel 14, considered that “the fact that 100,000 Zionists were evacuated from their homes half a year ago indicates that Nasrallah has won the first battle of the war.”

These comments come in light of a state of anticipation prevailing in the corridors of the Zionist administration at the governmental, military and security levels, awaiting the Iranian response to the targeting of the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

These Zionist confessions also confirm that “Israel” is waging an unjust and brutal aggression that harms everyone because “Israel” is the enemy of everyone.

Also, an article published by the Zionist newspaper "Jerusalem Post" warned of what it described as a strategic defeat for the Zionist enemy army in Gaza, even if it has achieved tactical victories at the present time.

Zionist analyzes continue to confirm that the occupying entity, with its political leadership and army, is unable to subjugate the Gaza Strip, and that the declared war goals against Hamas are unachievable.

Under the title “Living with Defeat,” Zionist writer and journalist Nahum Barnea wrote in Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper on Friday, saying: “Whatever the name of the proposal that the reports talk about to release the Zionist detainees, whether Qatari, Egyptian, or American, is... It appears that the Zionist side has begun to accept the limited results of the war... and according to my information, there is no deal yet.

Analysts and former Zionist security officials doubt the possibility of eliminating the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) from the Palestinian scene, warning that this “empire” - meaning “Gaza” - is still standing on its feet.

While Western media reports indicate that the sudden attack launched by the Hamas movement on the Zionist entity on the 50th anniversary of what is known to this entity as the “Yom Kippur War” can be considered the greatest intelligence failure of all time.


resource : SABA