From remains martyrs of Gaza .. America sends more weapons to Zionist enemy entity

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From remains martyrs of Gaza  .. America sends more weapons to Zionist enemy entity
[09/ April/2024]
CAPITALS April 09. 2024 (Saba) - What can be inferred from the reports and analyses: The American administration’s decision to provide the Zionist enemy with a new arms deal worth billions of dollars confirms that Washington is still practicing its open political immorality, and that the ideas it is putting forward to protect civilians in Gaza are aimed at misleading and covering up the enemy’s crimes. The ongoing Zionist action against the Palestinian people.

Over the remains of more than 32,000 Palestinian martyrs, most of whom were children and women, the administration of US President Joe Biden approved sending a new batch of weapons and ammunition to the Zionist enemy entity, despite the scale of the massacres being committed in Gaza Strip using these weapons.

The American newspaper "The Washington Post" revealed that in the past few days, the United States gave the green light to send billions of dollars worth of bombs and fighters to the Zionist entity, even as it publicly expressed concerns about an expected military attack on Palestinian Rafah.

The newspaper quoted informed officials in the Pentagon and State Department as saying that the new weapons kits include more than 1,800 MK84 bombs weighing 2,000 pounds and 500 MK82 bombs weighing 500 pounds.

The newspaper pointed out that the US State Department allowed the transfer of 25 F-35A fighter aircraft and engines worth $2.5 billion to the Zionist entity, which Congress approved in 2008.

The newspaper quoted a former US State Department official as saying: President Biden’s repeated approvals to transfer weapons to the Zionist enemy entity are an abrogation of moral responsibility and an assault on the rule of law.
Biden's decision to continue the flow of weapons to the enemy entity sparked opposition from within the Democratic Party to which Biden belongs, prompting thousands to choose "non-committed" on the ballot paper for the party's recent primary elections to choose its presidential candidate.

The newspaper quoted Democratic Senator from Maryland, Chris Van Hollen, as saying: “The Biden administration must use its influence effectively, and in my opinion, it must obtain basic commitments before giving the green light to transfer more bombs to Gaza.”

For his part, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont described this step as “outrageous,” and said on the “X” platform: “America cannot ask Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop bombing civilians one day, and then send him thousands of bombs the next day.” Weighing 2,000 pounds, it could flatten an entire city.

Sanders also called for America to end its "complicity" and stop sending more bombs to the Zionist entity.

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley also denounced the decision, describing it as “wrong at all levels,” as well as reflecting a clear contradiction in Washington’s actions.

Through the “X” platform, Merkley said: “The Biden administration cannot push to increase humanitarian access to Gaza while at the same time sending the weapons that the Netanyahu government is using to indiscriminately kill innocent Palestinians.”

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, strongly condemned the decision of the Biden administration to send new shipments of weapons, including missiles and warplanes, to the criminal Zionist enemy entity.

The movement said in a press statement: This matter “confirms the full partnership of this administration in the brutal war of extermination waged by the Nazi-Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.”

Hamas called on the international community and the United Nations to impose a complete ban on the supply of weapons to the criminal Zionist entity, and to take steps to stop the aggression, leading to holding the occupying entity and its leaders accountable for the violations and crimes against humanity they have committed.

The Islamic Resistance Movement stressed that the insistence of President Biden’s administration on its biased position and its unlimited political and military support for the occupation and its fascist policies, which seek to exterminate the Palestinian people and displace them from their land, confirms the lie of the American positions regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip, and the disaster caused by the killing Zionism machine.

This step comes by supplying the Zionist enemy army with this quantity of weapons, confirming the depth of the American partnership in the war of extermination waged by the enemy army on Gaza Strip, which has today become part of the Zionist war machine and its facts and details.

In addition, this support confirms that the Zionist enemy entity is not alone in killing children, women, and the elderly in this battle, nor is it alone in demolishing hospitals over the sick, bombing schools over the heads of the displaced, and demolishing houses over the heads of their residents. All of this and more is practiced by America as well.

In conclusion, American military support for the Zionist enemy entity is not new, but has been continuing for more than 75 years, and according to agreements and arms sales deals, its value has increased over the years, but this support has intensified recently in parallel with the Zionist aggression against Gaza Strip.


resource : SABA