Reporter (Saba): Palestinians hope to interact with International Quds Day and revive it in support of Palestine

Yemen News Agency SABA
Reporter (Saba): Palestinians hope to interact with International Quds Day and revive it in support of Palestine
[04/ April/2024]
GAZA April 04. 2024 (Saba) - The occasion of this year's International Quds Day comes in a completely different way from previous years, given that Palestine is living in a very harsh atmosphere and very difficult conditions due to the continuous Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, which began to enter its seventh month in a row.

On this occasion, the correspondent of the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) in Gaza on Thursday confirmed that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip hope that dealing and interacting with the International Quds Day and commemorating this occasion this year will also be different, commensurate with the conditions in which the Palestinians live.

He added: They also hope that there will be more support for Palestine at the level of commemorating this occasion in all Arab and Islamic cities and capitals, and that all free people in this world will go out in marches, vigils and very huge demonstrations to pressure governments to pressure the Zionist enemy entity to stop the bloodshed and stop this destructive war.

He continued: "Palestinians also hope that the commemoration of the International Quds Day this year will be different from previous years, so that the activities are not limited to the importance of demonstrations, vigils and marches, but there must be real interaction through Pressure in the field with the force of fire on the Zionist enemy everywhere in the places of clash, with ballistic missiles, drones and all the military pressure tools with which the axis of resistance can pressure the Zionist enemy entity to stop this crazy war.

He explained in the course of his speech that this Zionist war has left so far more than 40,000 martyrs and missing and more than 75,000 wounded, and there are thousands of detainees.

He pointed out that the situation is still difficult at the humanitarian level and the famine is very difficult in the areas of Gaza and the northern Gaza Strip.

At the end of his speech, the Saba correspondent stressed that the Palestinians express their hope once again that the interaction will be at more than one level to pressure the Zionist enemy entity more and more broadly to stop these crimes.


resource : SABA