Al-Sami'i stresses importance of diplomatic role to strengthen Yemeni position in support of Gaza

Yemen News Agency SABA
Al-Sami'i stresses importance of diplomatic role to strengthen Yemeni position in support of Gaza
[27/ February/2024]

SANA'A February 27. 2024 (Saba) - A member of the Supreme Political Council, Sultan Al-Sami'i, stressed the importance of the diplomatic role in strengthening the Yemeni position in the Red Sea battle to support Gaza and lift the siege on it.

During his visit today to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the caretaker government, Engineer Hisham Sharaf, Al-Sami'i pointed to the need to continue possible communication efforts with abroad to explain Yemen's clear position against any attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

"Yemen will continue its movements against Zionist arrogance and aggression alongside the axis of resistance and all the free and peace-loving peoples of the world," he said.

During the meeting, they reviewed the developments in the region, the follow-up of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Zionist aggression on Gaza, and the role of Yemeni diplomacy in supporting the Palestinian brothers to stop the aggression and deliver humanitarian needs to Gaza.

Minister Sharaf gave a brief presentation on the diplomatic moves, the latest of which was communication with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the submission to a number of UN bodies related to humanitarian affairs.

He pointed out that the ministry has issued statements on the crimes of genocide committed by the Zionist entity in Gaza and communicated the details of these crimes to the delegations of countries represented at the United Nations, in addition to direct communication with a number of parliamentarians in the European Union who stand against Zionist moves.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that during these contacts, the backgrounds of the US-British aggression were revealed, which comes as punishment for Yemen as a result of its standing by the Palestinian people in Gaza by preventing the passage of Israeli enemy ships or heading to the occupied ports.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed the United Nations and many relevant international organizations that commercial traffic is safe and has not been affected by the Yemeni situation, except for those associated with the Israeli enemy or heading to the ports it occupies.


resource : Saba