Revolution leader: Position of our people in supporting Palestin is lesson generations will be proud

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Revolution leader: Position of our people in supporting Palestin is lesson  generations will be proud
[22/ February/2024]
SANA'A. February 22. 2024 (Saba): The leader of the revolution,al-Sayeed Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi affirmed the position of the Yemeni people in supporting the Palestinian people will remain an honorable lesson in freedom and pride that generations for thousands of years.

In his speech today about the latest developments, the Leader of the Revolution renewed the call for the Yemeni people to go out in their millions tomorrow afternoon, Friday in Al-Sabeen Square in the capital, Sana’a and in all the governorates.

He added, "As long as operations continue from the air to the sea and in its depths, with the submarines that entered the front line, have to go all Yemenis to Al-Sabeen Square and the rest of the squares."

Al-Sayeed pointed out the Palestinian people are suffering for the twentieth week the harshest and most difficult forms of suffering as a result of the brutal Zionist aggression.

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that since the beginning of the aggression, America, Britain, and most major European countries took the initiative to provide all forms of support to the Zionist enemy, starting with military support and military experts, in addition to political and media support.

He explained that despite the huge military capabilities that the Zionist enemy possesses, they provided him with all forms of support in an open, clearand in return, where the support of the Arabs and the Islamic world for the Palestinian people?

He said, "Where the support of the Islamic world, where the support of Muslims for the oppressed Palestinian people of which they part, and for whom support is considered a noble and honorable humanitarian act and a religious duty."

Al-Sayeed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out the failure of most governments and regimes is one of the reasons for the Israeli enemy’s audacity to continue its crimes and tighten its siege.

The other reason the American role, which for the third time uses its veto in the Security Council to prevent any decision to stop the genocide of the people Palestinian in Gaza.

He pointed out that the Americans provide the greatest cover in order to starve the Palestinian people in Gaza.

He stated the American inherited from British role of sponsoring Zionist crime, protecting the Israeli enemy, and providing all forms of support to it.

Responsibility of the nation:

The leader of the revolution made it clear that the responsibility increasing on everyone, and Muslims at the forefront with the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

He stated that the number of martyrs, most of whom children and women, constantly increasing, and the number of massacres reached 2,544 in a clear violation of human life.

Al-Sayeed Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi explained deaths from hunger are increasing, and there are deaths among children and the elderly.

He pointed out that hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people in Gaza are starving from hunger and appealing to their nation with their hunger and suffering.

The leader of the revolution indicated the Israeli enemy opened fire on a gathering of thousands of people who were trying to obtain a quantity of food and flour, killing and wounding a number of them.

He said, "Where are the women's rights that the West pays lip service to in the face of the Israeli enemy's executions of women?!"

The leader of the revolution also confirmed that there a real tragedy in the health aspect, with many bodies remaining under the rubble, some of them in the streets, and a lack of medicines and medical services.

He pointed out that the Israeli enemy committed a terrible crime by forcibly kidnapping infants from their mothers and separating thousands of children from their families during displacement.

Zionist enemy failed to achieve its goals:

Al-Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stressed despite the scale of the tragedy, injustice and crime, there is a failure of the Israeli enemy to achieve its declared goals the most prominent of which is the recovery of its prisoners.

Huge losses incurred by Zionist enemy:

The leader of the revolution explained that the Zionist enemy’s human losses are in the thousands, but the enemy is trying to conceal them and is making an effort to do so.

He stressed that the enemy's military and economic losses are significant and unprecedented, despite the massive American and Western support it enjoys.

He stated that the Hezbollah front in Lebanon a large, effective and influential front on the Israeli enemy and inflicts heavy direct losses on the enemy.

Escalation of operations at sea:

The leader of the revolution said, "We will continue our operations and move toward escalating operations targeting enemies to support Gaza and support Palestinian people."

He added, "Our operations against Israeli targets in the occupied territories amounted to 183 missiles and drones."

He pointed the escalation in sea operations escalated in quantity and quality, and missiles, drones, and military boats were activated, and submarine weapons were introduced into our operations at sea, which is worrying for the enemy... indicating the number of ships targeted at sea reached 48 ships, despite the enemy’s reduced movement and camouflage and withholding information from its.

Information achievement for the Yemeni Armed Forces:

The leader of the revolution explained that there an information achievement that surprised the enemy in that the Yemeni armed forces able to obtain information about the identity of the ship’s owner, its affiliation, and its destination.

He added, "The enemies failed to protect their ships from being targeted by missiles and drones."

He stated that the enemy unable to eliminate the mujahideen in Gaza, who still in a state of cohesion and fighting valiantly and effectively.

He pointed the missiles have been developed to the point that the Americans cannot intercept them or shoot them down with all the technology they possess.

Al-Sayyed explained that there real victories over American technologies, capabilities and expertise, and there are victories at the level of tactics, weapons and means, and American experts amazed by the tactics of our armed forces.

He said, "This week, 13 distinct and effective operations were carried out, Among the most prominent and important operations this week was targeting the British ship, which was hit by a devastating strike that sank it, and also the downing of an American aircraft (MQ-9) which one of the most important American aircraft.

He pointed the maritime situation stopped 40% of the enemy’s maritime commercial traffic, and affected its economy by shrinking.

The effectiveness of the Yemen front:

The leader of the revolution explained the American has a military problem and admits that it has not faced such a problem since World War II.

He stated that British newspapers are talking about the effects on the British economy and expectations of a sharp rise in all prices due to the rise in shipping costs.

The leader of the revolution pointed the US-British aggression raids on Yemen and missile bombardments from the sea amounted to 278, despite this, it failed to destroy Yemeni capabilities and limit it's impact.

The American trying to distort Yemen’s position:

The leader of the revolution stated that the American enemy trying to distort Yemen's position, with its ridiculous propaganda at the media level.

He pointed out that the distorted propaganda begins with the American and British media, and is then repeated by Arab media figures and some of the country's traitorous mercenaries.

Continuing mobilization:

The Leader of the Revolution stressed that mobilization through military preparations is an extremely important issue that worries the enemy and has its influence and faith importance for those who want to wage jihad for the sake of Allah.
He pointed out that military mobilization is on an active path, and the outputs of military training have reached 237,123 trainees.

He pointed the process of donations is continuing and what is collected will be delivered to the brothers delegates in the Palestinian movements who are in Sana'a.

Yemeni people have become the focus of admiration:

The leader of the revolution stressed that the Yemeni people presented a model and became the focus of admiration for all free people in the world.

He said, "Our people came out last week with all courage and manliness, challenging America and its tyranny, despite the fact many countries surrendered, subjugated, and humiliated for America."

The leader of the revolution stressed that the Yemeni people, who did not submit to America or Britain will fight and face it, because it is better for them.


resource : SABA